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Friday, November 9, 2007

Instead of Pilates, I chose lipstick

Well, I felt great all day--lots of energy, excellent motivation, efficient at grading exams (my nemesis), things going super-well with the chapter I'm writing, and exercise being something I was really looking forward to. -sigh- Somehow, the writing went really well, and suddenly it was dinner-time, and I was cooking, doing bedtime, cleaning up... and now it's 8:00, and my friend is coming over for a mommy's night out, and I don't have time for exercise and a shower before she gets here. So, I decided exercise will simply be first on the agenda tomorrow, since tonight, I really just want to have a little fun at the end of a tough week. At least Daughter's mouth is all healed and she feels better. As for me, I *look* better, since right now, I'm wearing lipstick. With luck, the deep red lips will redirect attention away from the thighs that once again have been un-challenged by the days' events.

"I like those red lips, mommy," said Son, watching me don make-up while he used the potty. "Where did those red lips come from?"
"It's called lipstick."
"No, where did those red lips come from?" he insisted, as if I'd not put color on my everyday lips, but instead *removed* them and put on new, fancier, redder ones.
I explained how lipstick made my regular lips red.
Undaunted, Son replied, schema un-altered, "Those are very pretty red lips, mommy."

1 comment:

MIQuilter said...

I didn't choose pilates OR red lips... I did however create the longest exercise streak in the history of me this year by hitting the gym a second day in a row. Lunchtime had me doing cardio and some lovely leg exercises to hopefully begin to shape these sausages. I still feel my muscles a bit - not painful - they're just saying "Hi".

In case you were wondering, last evening the cookies won. This evening I'm hoping to beat them.


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