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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

No Excuses!!

I figured out a new way to exercise with practically no advanced preparation. (Don't even need a sports bra!!!) It's called in-house stair climbing. When you can no longer stand your giant ass bumping into furniture you used to clear, there's no one home to help with small children, and it's yucky/rainy/cold outside, just run to the stairs in your house. Up and down, up and down, up and down, until you are purple . . . only took me 10 times to get to a lovely violet hue. Then stop, and begin sit-ups or butt-ups, or whatever floor work you can manage. Once you have your breath back, go back to the stairs. Put in a good 30 minutes, then call it a day. It was quite a leg workout! I was a bit sore this morning, which is always a good sign. Must try this at least twice a week. Felt really pathetic, but it made the meatballs I had for dinner seem not so sinful.

7 year old is being much nicer to classmates and parents lately. I have not started the jar, but it is on "The List." I think it is genius!

Happy T-day to all! Hope MommyT and MIQuilter are on the mend!

1 comment:

MommyTime said...

I am laughing out loud in Panera over your newest exercise plan. It's hard to type I'm laughing so hard, and some man is actually leaving his table near me right now -- I think he thinks I'm crazy. Once I can run on this ankle, I am SOOO trying this.

Another option: I have rediscovered that Son loves exercise videos: his request is that "we play exercising." Last night, he wanted to do Tae Bo with me. This is excellent. His attention span is only about 15 minutes, but two sessions of that in the day would be okay...

I didn't do any Sun or Mon exercise, but at least Tues saw me take a full-hour walk with kids and dog. We got distracted from Tae Bo by dinner, but at least I know I can trot that one out for Weds.

By the way, JH, I am making a "listening jar" for my house, as Son has become partially deaf. He can hear the sound of a small piece of candy being unwrapped from approximately 1/4 mile away; however, he is completely incapable of hearing me tell him to wash his hands for dinner when I'm standing right next to him. I am exhausted with the constant repetition of things and reminders about good behavior, so we're going to try the jar...just as soon as I make a pie and clean the dining room for tomorrow...


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