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Monday, December 31, 2007

All This in Just One Year?! (aka New Year's Resolutions, part 2)

As far as I can tell, New Year’s Resolutions typically fall into exactly two categories:

* the ones it’s a no-brainer to keep; and

* the one’s there’s no way on earth I’ll really keep but it feels nice and ambitious and all turning-over-a-new-leaf of me to put them down, so I do.

Category One might include things like “repair the back fence” when one has a dog who loves to wander the neighborhood in search of goose poop snacks. (What? Like your dog doesn’t think these are better than any treat you pay money for?) Category Two is something like “exercise five times a week,” when I’m working a fulltime job with only three days/week of daycare.

So this year, I’ve decided to create two entirely new categories of NYR – and I do hope the Resolution Police don’t find this completely unacceptable, since it seems to me that the tried-and-true categories above have failed worked for millennia for nearly all of us. The new categories are:

* ones that are just a tad bit ambitious but that I could reasonably work on; and

* ones I wish I could make but that would require not just hard work on my part but an actual life transplant into a completely different sphere of existence courtesy of alien intervention or some other dramatic made-for-tv type procedure.

So, without further ado, here are my Resolutions for the year. I won’t insult you by assuming you need me to separate Ambitious But Doable from Life Transplant, Oh Don’t I Wish…

Ø Wear my new pedometer every day and record my steps. Aim to exceed my average daily steps from week one by just a bit, increasing goal weekly. Get to 10,000 steps per day sometime before I turn 40. (If you say I’m cheating here because this just turned into a NYR I have three years to fill, then you obviously didn’t read Part 1 of my new NYR philosophy.)

Ø Count calories daily for three months. Try to stay around 1400 per day. Eat chocolate anyway.

Ø Win an Oscar for my screenplay, making me the first English professor ever to win an Oscar (not to mention the first person who hasn’t written a screenplay to win one). Look fabulous giving my brief and witty acceptance speech while wearing a vintage silk dress – one of those clingy 1930s designs with the shiny side of the fabric showing on some parts and the dull side on others. If you don’t know what I mean, you need to watch more Thin Man movies. And if you’ve never heard of those, you really should start watching them.

Ø Exercise a few times a week. Keep accountable on the steps, calories, and exercise by posting daily stats. If nothing else, the potential embarrassment of saying “d’oh, I forgot to record this or even to care again today” might keep me on track.

Ø Complete a triathalon. No, I didn’t say win one. I’m just that modest in my ambitions.

Ø Try to follow our housework tasks chart at least five days per week. This is ambitious because not all the tasks on it are mine, which means motivating others in the house too. It’s also ambitious because we are nearly d r o w n i n g around here in clean laundry. I can get the stuff washed, dried, and even folded. It’s the putting away that kills me. Story of my house: it’s all in the putting away.

Ø Plan and take a fabulous family trip this summer using the (no joke) several hundred thousand frequent flier miles we collectively have.

Ø Become one of those hilarious and creative mommies who never gets frustrated with her kids’ idiosyncrasies or nags them to hurry up, who always has fun projects in reserve for moments of boredom, and who looks unbearably, unbelievably cute in her low-rise cargo pants. Also, who is not at all pretentious or condescending.

* * *

So, what are your resolutions this year? Doable or Life Transplant? Share in the Comments!


Mrs. Furious said...

"Keep accountable on the steps, calories, and exercise by posting daily stats. If nothing else, the potential embarrassment of saying “d’oh, I forgot to record this or even to care again today” might keep me on track."

Number one thing that worked for me!

MommyTime said...

Good to know!! Thanks. I'm assuming that's one that's doable...

Mrs. Furious said...

totally doable... although I think whether or not that mtoivates you depends on how motivated by being held accountable in a public type setting you are. It turns out I'm highly motivated by that :)
I had originally started it all with a food diary exchange and I was the only one who stuck to it. As I've often told my therapist... I finally found a way to work with my craziness.

MommyTime said...

Yes, I think the public thing will work for me too...this blog originally started as a group accountability thing, but I was the only one who was really into posting on it all the time (not that I was necessarily the one doing the most exercise!). So I think a new sidebar will do wonders for me...we'll see. Happy New Year, Mrs. F! (and thanks for the shout out from your NYR post)

Mrs. Furious said...

You should note that much like the code for italics which you sister explained the code for a link is to put... a href="around the http address" within carrots and then close it with... /a ...within carrots. So if you write something related to my post just give yourself a link in my comments.

Also if you really want more traffic you need to get a picture with your profile... more people will click on that and follow your comments back to your site. And get out and comment at as many *normal* sites as possible and get your name out there. No point in commenting at the famous sites... won't bring you one bit of traffic. But finding the blogs that are most similar to yours and commenting there will/can bring you some of their readers.

MIQuilter said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MIQuilter said...

I love the 2 categories of NYR - and I too have resolutions that are likewise divided.... here goes part of my list (I always have a few "secret" NYR that nobody gets to hear - so that I don't feel like a failure if they don't come true... depends on the category though - some NYR need the publicity of shame to keep me on it) Without further ado here are my NYR:

1) exercise 3 or more times a week.
2) get back down to my Wedding Day weight. I feel this is perfectly tenable as I was already past that 30y/o hump of "my weight will never get below this no matter how much I try" when I married.
3) have my husband swear off all tobacco products FOR GOOD. He's fantastic at trying to give it up... but he thus far has failed. I think he's on the Edison plan (ref. the old "it took Edison 2000 tries to make a lightbulb"). Since I've met him he's tried literally dozens of times... hopefully we really won't have to go the full 2K rounds.
4) be able to quit my full time job. this too involves my husband - he has to get a promotion and I need to get a couple more web dev. clients - to cover the salary difference. Fortunately, he is fully supportive of this goal. I want to be able to work from home - 1/2 time doing web development and the other 1/2 working on quilts - to sell both patterns and quilts.
5) health and happiness for my whole family (again, I know I can't do it alone, but anything I can do to actively support others' goals is what I'm after here)
6) super secret goal #1
7) get a puppy :) we need more fur in the house!
8) super secret goal #2
9) ultra super secret goal (this is SO fantastically super secret I don't even know it!!!)
10) last but not least, I want to do something every day that I don't want to do (I tend to procrastinate on things that seem really boring or tedious) and something that I enjoy.


MommyTime said...

Mrs F, Thanks so much for the excellent tips. I'm going to hunt up a pic tonight...fun task after bedtime...and I've been out and around looking for some good normal :-) blogs ... there are a few whose authors I like a lot but who don't post every day, so I'm still seeking the real faves that aren't real famous. It's a fun hunt.

MommyTime said...

MIQ, Those are great goals! I especially like number 10, which is something I need too. Though my fave is your so-super-secret that you don't know it yet one. :-)

This is me trying out the link thing to see if it works. http://mommysmartini.blogspot.com

MommyTime said...

Hey, I understood the directions! Thanks, Mrs. F. Is there any way to make the link a phrase instead of a whole web address if the address is really long? MIQ might know the answer to this one?

MommyTime said...

Now here I am trying a comment to see if my new picture shows up. At least I'm only cluttering up my own comments! :-)

MIQuilter said...

of course I know how to change what the link says vs what the actual link is... do the less than sign (hereby shortened to LT - and the other to GT) so LT a href=http://www.eclectiquilts.com GT WHATEVER LINK SAYS LT /a GT.... written properly will look like WHATEVER LINK SAYS

MommyTime said...

MIQ -- your new site is seriously amazing!!! The quilts are incredible. As for links, let's see if this works...EMU Home Page

Mrs. Furious said...

I see you got it on both fronts.... yes your sister did a better job of explaining it...it is so hard since you have to talk around it or it will be code itself!

It took me some time to find blogs I liked... but it is fun snooping around ;)

and I got tagged for a meme (unfortunately it is lame) but I was hoping I would soon so I could tag you (I'm doing it on Friday) and that gets you linked and Friday is usually a pretty busy day. :)

MommyTime said...

Yeah, that MIQ is good at this stuff (it is her actual real job, after all :-).

Thanks for the coming meme (lame or whatever, I'll do what I can). I'm not sure I know how the tagging part works, so I might have to ask you about that. The blog hunt is fun...and Rachel did follow me over here from your site...it's a start!


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