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Sunday, December 2, 2007

The Bandwagon's so far ahead, I can't even hear the music

For reasons impossible to identify, I have actually lost four pounds since the doctor's office weigh in (this one seems real). This is entirely NOT due to my exercise habits, as that is actually an oxymoron in my life. I have not exercised one single time since my last post. On the positive side of the balance sheet: everyone is still happy, wearing clean clothes, getting educated on a regular basis, and making huge messes in the house which I valiantly try to clean. I have finished the Christmas shopping and wrapped everything that has to be mailed far away. There are times when just keeping the house running is as much as a body can do. So, here are the funniest things Son has said lately:

At the children's museum while building with wheels and gears: "This race car is going to be *even more fabulous* than the one we built last time!"

On meeting his sister head-on inside the collapseable tunnel: "You can't go through this way. Get out and start at the other end." To which I responded, "No, that's not true. It's a two-way tunnel. She can go through either way." His matter of fact reply: "No she can't. See, there's a big, invisible arrow pointing like this (indicating with his hand) that says you can only go through this way."

Daughter's new favorite phrases:

After I, for example, sneeze: "Ah-choo, mama, ah-choo," deliberately enunciating every syllable.

And, when anyone tries to help her do just about anything: "I do it."

I would like to adopt that last one, "I do it," as my exercise motto....hmmmm, we'll see how that works. Has everyone else fallen off the bandwagon too? It's been awfully quiet around here lately.

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