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Sunday, December 30, 2007

The Life of the Second-Born

There are many things second children do differently from first ones (including not pee standing up in our house) -- and that means we have to learn to be parents a little bit new the second time around. One thing I've noticed is that Daughter is talking much much more than Son did at this age (20 months). Now, she may just be stunningly brilliant and about to get into Yale any day. But I think there's something about the whole birth-order thing that's at play here. For instance, here are some phrases she can use quite well that Son couldn't even pronounce at this age:

"Myyyyy turn."

"Go a-way!" [not always directed at the dog, either]

the Silent Embrace of Apology [perhaps not a phrase, but an eloquent gesture indeed]

"No, no, no, no, mine, no, mine, no, noooooo, MINE!"

"Hi, Son." [she actually said this yesterday in greeting, while patting her brother on the shoulder, and yes, she called him "Son" as if that were his name]

"I do it." [don't know if this counts as a phrase or not, since she seems to think it's one word]

"I love you."

Coincidence? I think not.


MultiplesMommy said...

So, based on this logic, I (as the 3rd child) should have arrived on the scene talking full sentences. Hmmm. I suppose if you ask some, they would say it's likely that I DID. By the time you get to the 8th kid, they'll probably come out full educated. That would be a great time and money saver. I think you should consider it!

MommyTime said...

so i see you're here right now. click on the new "fun facts" link in the sidebar and you'll see the ones about me. write a list of your own and email it to me, so i can add it to this page. MIQ, if you're reading this, you need to do this too, so that the fun facts link goes to a post about all of us.

MommyTime said...

alo, mm, i have no interest in 8 kids. the deal Husband offered up front was "no kids or octuplets." I managed to get past that barrier, but I'm really not up for the 8...

MIQuilter said...

Yes, I agree - a litter of kids is never a good idea... and yes, of course I'm here - I'll send you some fun facts.

MommyTime said...

MIQ: excellent, send them to the gmail address, which is just first name.last name (the T one) AT gmail.com


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