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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Quiet Reflections over my Morning Coffee

Do I actually control the weather?
It's never warm enough for a picnic on my birthday in late Spring, even when we've already had 70-degree days in March. And there hasn't been snow on Christmas ever since the Son was old enough for me to dream of snowman building contests on Christmas Day. Perhaps there is a perverse wrinkle in the fabric of the universe whereby whatever weather I want creates the exact inverse in the sky above me.

New Year's Eve is still part of the holiday season, right?
So, if I write "and a Happy New Year" on all my Christmas cards and mail them out so they still get a December post-mark, they're not technically late. Right?

Who decided what counts as breakfast food?
Why is it always grains and pork and eggs? Why not green vegetables (obviously no one would choose orange ones as breakfast foods) and thinly-sliced beef? And even if we stick to grains, why would you raise your eyebrows at me if I served my kids warm rice with cinnamon and milk on it? And why is waffles for dinner hilarious instead of a good substitute for the potatoes I ran out of which I realized too late as I was baking chicken?

I'm just wondering is all....


MIQuilter said...

ahhh... perhaps tomorrow morning I will wake up and have a few reflections over a cup of coffee. This morning, however, I flew out of bed like my tailfeathers were on fire and have finally just, in the past 30 minutes, had time to sit, breathe, and do nothing else but blog. :) I got a lot done today though, which is good. I seem to sleep better at night when I have had a productive day. I got the ring that my husband bought me for christmas sized today so I can wear it on the correct finger. I bought toilet paper... we were down to the last roll that had to be shared between the 4 bathrooms of the house.. that felt like a REAL accomplishment - I can poop again! Also, I bought the last bits of fabric I needed to finish the 2 sample quilts that I had to make (between Christmas and New Years) so that the quilt shop where I'm teaching lessons in Feb will have something to entice people to sign up. And then, I finished both quilts! I haven't had time for any reflection except the 1 thing that crossed my mind when my tailfeathers caught fire, "ooooo, I'm going to need to set an alarm for tomorrow - if I don't get up before noon on Sunday, I'll have a hell of a time getting back on my work schedule".

Which reminds me... I don't think I have told Multiples this yet - I"m teaching 2 classes in Feb!!! Isn't it exciting! I've put up a website and am spending this year working up a line of patterns to sell (one of my NYR). Check it out (my website - I have a blog for it too my blog I think I'm well on my way to becoming a world famous quilter.

MommyTime said...

LOL over your tailfeathers. I'm only sorry they got burnt up, since I really would have liked to see them. You will probably be the world's first world-famous tail-feather-less quilter. And that WILL be something.

PS Can you tell me how to make italics in the comments? I can only do it in the regular posts where there are dummy buttons (you know, those buttons made for dummies like me where you just highlight the bit you want in ital and hit the button). I've tried playing with the <> tags filled with I's but haven't yet figured out the right configuration to turn the ital on and off. Presumably, once I figure this out, a whole new world will open up for me. I might even use bold in the comments too! Jeepers.

MultiplesMommy said...

I love to reflect over coffee. Sometimes it's even still hot by the time I reflecticate (that's a word, right? like pontificate?) Just for the record, New Year's letters are PERFECTLY acceptable. I know, because I just sent out my own 2 days ago. And I am never wrong.

MultiplesMommy said...

BTW, you DO NOT control the weather. As you should know by your own observations, Murphy controls the weather. You just have to stop telling him what you want!

MommyTime said...

Reflecticate....I LIKE IT! I don't know whether I feel crushed or relieved about the weather, though. I'll reflecticate on that one and get back to you.

MIQuilter said...

To answer MT - to do italics do an I in between the < and >. to quit the italics have a /i between the brackets. for bold, use a b instead of an i, but in the same way Italics Bold

MIQuilter said...

oh, and MM, you have given me much to reflecticate over.

MommyTime said...

ahhhh... it's the /i that was killing me...I kept just fruitless using lower case and upper case letters and getting totally nowhere ! Pretty good, huh?

(Man, HTML is a pain...no wonder people don't use ital more often in the comments!)

MultiplesMommy said...

Ahh, I am so proud to have added to your collective vocabularies. My word prowess and general genius must give you both MUCH to reflecticate upon.


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