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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Our "Dora’s Great Adventure" Party

When Big Sis turned 5, she wanted a Dora party. Those of you familiar with Dora know that every TV episode has a “quest” that includes a map and three locations to find or challenges to overcome. We created our own Adventure. It was intended to be an outdoor party (her birthday’s in June), but the weather didn’t cooperate, so we moved it into the playroom. I picked map “stops” based on what I found at the party store and our backyard’s geography—adapt for your own needs!

The Invites: We used store-bought Dora invites for this one.

The Food: I recommend Mexican food for this party (for obvious reasons!), including chips and salsa and guacamole, chicken and/or beef fajitas with all the fixings or tacos with toppings. You can make “sangria” without the wine for the kids (and with the wine for the adults!) by mixing fruit juices and sliced fruit. I made a Dora cake, again using a Wilton pan and the same cheater frosting I used for the princess cake. As a side note, this cake calls for a good bit of red frosting. Regular red food coloring leaves a terrible after-taste, so I recommend finding “no taste” red, which you can get at specialty baking stores.

Decorations/Activities: I made a “map” for all the kids in PowerPoint using clip art. Our Adventure started with the kids having to cross Piranha Lake. I bought an oversized kiddie pool at Toys R Us ($7), and a dozen blow-up fish at the party store ($2 for 3). The original intention was to fill the pool with real water, but when we had to move it indoors, we filled it with blue tissue paper and the “piranhas” and hung blue crepe paper streamers from the ceiling. There was a magnificent amount of shrieking that went on as the girls ran through!

Next they had to cross Troll Bridge. The Hawaiian party section at the party store had a great totem mask that made a fine troll. The outdoor plan involved a railroad tie bridge supported by a cinderblock on either end. The indoor plan: We have one of those Little Tikes slides with a platform. I attached the troll head to the side of the slide and hooked our tunnel to the base of the slide. They climbed the stairs, slid down the slide, and crawled thru the tunnel. Dad made great scary troll noises while they, you guessed it, shrieked.

Next they had to climb Flamingo Mountain (ok, I know, flamingos don’t live in the mountains, but you sometimes gotta’ work with what the party store provides, and the kids didn’t seem to mind.) Outdoor plan was to stick the flamingos in the ground leading up the backyard hill into our play area. Indoor plan involved a mountain of pillows covered with a parachute that they had to scale.

And finally, the Adventure ended at Dora’s castle (hmm, look familiar? Yep, reused from the previous year’s princess party.) I bought a little cardboard treasure chest from the party store and filled it with the bags of party favors. Our Adventure was such a success that the girls did it over and over again until they collapsed in a pile of screeching mania.

The Favors: We also gave all the girls plastic leis when they arrived at the party, and had a Dora piƱata for after the Adventure, which we filled with candy. For the “treasure” bags, I found Dora socks at Target for $1 each (their $1 bins at the entrance to the store are great for party favors), we added nail polish, plastic necklaces and bracelets, and Dora fruit treats.

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MommyTime said...

This is a seriously great party! I love all the adventure quest activities, and it's so nice to have all the indoor and outdoor options. I can't wait till our kids are just a little bit older, so we can do parties a bit more complex like this. So MUCH fun!!


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