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Friday, February 15, 2008

Said With Much Certainty

I was awakened this morning to two wiggly bodies both trying to use me as a pillow. The older one said, "Mama, Mama, we should call her mice on John."

Confused by such a strange wake-up call, without opening my eyes, I responded, "Whaaa?"

"MICE on JOHN," he enunciated slowly. "We should call Daughter mice on John."

"Whyyyyy?" slurred sleepy mama.

"Because she only has one slipper on."

* * *

On the way to school, conversation went like this:

Son: Mama, what is that big orange truck?

Me: A salt truck.

Son: A salt truck? What does it do?

Me: It spreads salt on the roads when it snows, so the roads aren't so slippery.

Son: Where does it get the salt?

Me: Well, you see that it looks like a giant dump truck. That whole back is full of salt. And it has a sprinkler on the back to sprinkle all that salt on the roads.

Son: No, I mean where does the salt come from?

Me: Oh. From the ocean, I guess. There is a lot of salt in the ocean...

Son: [cutting short the lecture on salinity and processes of extraction, which was going to be followed by lots of facts about salt deposits in rock] But in the ocean there are giant sharks and big big whales...

Me: Yes [thinking perhaps I have a budding environmentalist on my hands here, one who worries about what we're doing to the world's oceans and the habitats of their largest creatures]

Son: [quickly disabusing me of this pride with his practical follow-up]...and they would EAT UP the fishing poles.

Me: Eat up the fishing poles? [confused yet? wait for it...here it comes...here it comes]

Son: Yes, the fishing poles. Because they have to use fishing poles to catch the salt out of the ocean. But the sharks and whales would chomp them with their sharp teeth and eat them up. So. It's not a good idea to get salt out of the ocean.


MultiplesMommy said...

Thanks. I needed that laugh this morning. I must admit that it took me a moment to get the "mice on John" reference--sickness makes me slow--but it the end *eureka* it hit me! And I laughed. First time all week. :-)

Nicole said...

Thanks for the good laugh!
Kids are great :D!!!

MIQuilter said...

This blog is something that will have to be kept forever. It contains such good material that can be used for blackmailing kids later on... or just for general reminiscing when the memory starts to go. I really love the posts like this - kids can be so funny, even when they don't intend to be!

foolery said...

Yes, definitely remind him of it often in the future. We STILL abuse our "baby" brother for referring to Nostradamus as "that Neiman Marcus guy." And he was almost a teenager at the time.

Sarabeth said...

Don't you just love toddler logic?

Blog Hopping-HP

Ashley said...

Lol I love the things kids say!

Blog Hoppin'

Melissa said...

From the mouths of babes, huh?

MommyTime said...

Glad to have you all laughing with me. MIQ - I totally agree; these have to be saved for later -- either when we need a good laugh or need some ammunition.


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