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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

That's Why They Call It the World-Wide Web

You know all those funny things people write about the keyword searches that land random strangers on their blogs? Well, this won't be that post. Not that we don't have some pretty funny searches on our growing list (who are you, "do kangaroos hibernate?"), but that the collection just isn't ripe yet for the hilarity that really must ensue for that post to be worth it...

In the meantime, here's another thing I like to do with Stat Counter--besides compulsively checking whether we have 4 or 6 returning visitors today: view the "Recent Visitor Map." It's always heart-warming to know that over the course of a whole bunch of days, this many push-pins came to read our prattlings-on about our little lives. I didn't know push-pins could read, but then, that's what the Internet is for, right? Learning new things?

In addition to all the North Americans, we occasionally get visitors from very far away. Which is exciting because, you know, we sometimes wish we were far away too...and it gives us a little thrill to think someone else far away might wish to be here. (We never think that they might read this and be grateful and thankful that they are not here because that, well, that is just not nice. And we're all about nice.) So, this is part shout out to our random visitors:

Hello Japanese push-pin! Thanks for stopping by. We hope your browser automatically translates our English into Japanese for you. Or that you can read English. And that you weren't looking for information about kangaroos and very disappointed once you got here. Come back any time!

And Hello Sweden (at least, that's where the pop-up window in Google maps tells me you're located)! We love that you came by too.

It's fun to imagine how these folks landed here, and whether they stayed, and if they did say, what they thought. But here's one visitor I just don't get. Today I looked at the map and found this. Intriguing, you might think at first, but look more closely and you will see that this is in fact very very strange.

Magic, I tell you. The magic of the world wide web. Even the ocean has our blog address. How cool is that?


MIQuilter said...

That is so cool that so many people from around the world are looking at this blog! Does that mean that finally, after all these years, I've become "cool"?

MultiplesMommy said...

LOL! Geez Louise, MT, clearly, being land-locked as you are, you don't realize that our ocean-viewer is on a boat. Evidently a sizeable boat with an Internet connection. And a laptop. And satellite. And a presence that obviously is important enough to register with the WWW. Which clearly means they are RICH. Not only do we have Swedes reading us, we have very rich people who like hanging out on the equater reading us. Yes, MIQ, this means we are supa-cool!

(Alternatively, we have a powerful water-walking individual reading us, so perhaps Jesus likes us too, but I'm more inclined to go with the first theory.)

MommyTime said...

Yes, MM, a boat did occur to me. But isn't that boring? I just prefer to think of this visitor as a strong, resourceful Nigerian woman like this one. :)

MultiplesMommy said...

My, that's a strange looking laptop she has on her head...they must make them differently in Africa, the better to balance them while walking on water...

Cocoa said...

I admit it's pretty fun to see the push pins. It's also very funny to see how people came to visit.

foolery said...

So . . . DO they hibernate?

Oh, and thanks for the pratjsvnjn pastry -- I ate it all up and got jelly on my nose! Well, hypothetically speaking, but hypothetical jelly is almost as good.

MommyTime said...

Foolery, I'll eat paczki (pronounced something like poonch-key) for you anytime. :) All 420 calories apiece! As for the kangaroos, near as I can figure: nope, they don't.

annenahm said...

I'm a little jealous - I have never gotten or even seen a push pin from under the sea before. :^)

MultiplesMommy said...

Annenahm--You know, I never thought of that. "Under" the sea. Hmmm, maybe it's the Little Mermaid who's reading us. Big Sis would be thrilled!

MommyTime said...

Hi Anne,
Thanks for coming on over. Maybe in Hawaii you'll see one of these rare under-the-sea pushpins... Just a thought. Hope folks are feeling better at your house!

Nicole said...

I found one the other day from a country I didn't know even existed ;)
(Brunei - and, no, I have never been good at geography :P)

I love these things too.
One Sri Lankan found me the other day via the search term "Does Mayonnaise make fat"

Go figure how they find our blogs.


The ocean dude was probably army.
I have a few of those somewhere in the middle of nowhere with APO something ;)

Lynda said...

Hello There

A Mommy with a Martini ? Well, I just had to come & have a look ;)

I've also come to put an East African pin on your map for you, as this is where I live - also close to the equator, but not actually ON it. Your strange pin off the West coast of Africa ... mmmm ... I would say also, probably a ship of some sort ? (Perhaps a pirate ship !)

I also have odd pins on my blog map .. sometimes they say "Satellite Provider" and I imagine ... a ship at sea ?


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