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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Too Much of a Good Thing?

If you ever make a disastrous pound cake (not that you would, mind you, only that I like to be helpful), and then you use up a lot of it turning it into trifle, but you still have some left, may I suggest the following:

Whisk 4 eggs together with 1 1/2 cups milk, 1 tsp. vanilla, 1 tsp. cinnamon, and 1/4 tsp. nutmeg. Then, crumble up the remaining stale pound cake into the custard. To clarify: you'll need at least 1/4 of a large pound cake for this, the kind of pound cake that calls for six eggs and two sticks of butter and that you bake in a huge bundt pan or fancy flower shaped one but then can't remove from the pan easily, so you might as well crumble it up. Stir thoroughly, and let sit until most of the liquid is absorbed. If you like that sort of thing, toss in 1/2 cup of raising at this point. Lightly grease a baking dish, pour the mixture in, and bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes. Serve warm or chilled, as you prefer. (Warm is better, but it rewarms nicely.)

Instead of "Bread Pudding," I chose to call this "Morning Cake" in honor of Mickey. (Also because Son hates pudding but loves In the Night Kitchen, so I figured that way he'd eat it. He wouldn't even try it.) It's suitable for breakfast, obviously, because I added no sugar to the egg custard, so it's not too sweet. Most people would add about 1/2 cup of sugar to the egg mixture before stirring in the bread pound cake. I figured it would be nice to have something healthy for breakfast, so I left out the extra sugar.

I will say that, if you like Bread Pudding, you will seriously love Morning Cake.

I will also say that if you eat a large piece for breakfast, warm and good, and then you get a hankering for more after dinner, as, say dessert, you will find an excellent use for random chocolate football Easter candies if you just chop up three or four of them and sprinkle them amongst your hunk of Morning Cake before you heat it in the microwave. Because, of course, Morning Cake is not that sweet, as it's meant to be a healthy breakfast. So it certainly needs a bit of sweetening oomph in the form of chocolate added to it if you want it to qualify as a dessert.

I will also also say that you will want to lick the dish clean after you eat this heavenly concoction. But don't blame me if you feel slightly queasy afterwards. It's not my fault that you cut too large a slice after eating pizza for dinner and then added too much chocolate. You're all on your own for portion control.


lattemommy said...

I don't think you can ever get too much of a good thing. Especially when the good thing is chocolate.

foolery said...

I'm always all on my own for portion control, and I always fail.

Mrs F with 4 said...

Control? Control?! Is that a word that should EVER be used in the same sentence as chocolate? My next disastrous cake will now be reborn as Morning Cake... I may have to start baking right now!

Mr Lady said...

Can you totally screw up a pound cake and then accidently wing a bread pudding in LM's kitchen this summer?


Mrs. Furious said...

Yum. Who wouldn't love morning cake?

MommyTime said...

Mrs F, I KNOW -- doesn't it kind of make you want to screw up a cake, just to make something this tasty out of the rejects? And, Foolery, don't you wish your brother had had this recipe back during the pound cake celebration/debacle?

Methinks LatteMommy and Mrs. Furious need to have a little chocolate smorgasbord together. And can I come?

As for Mr. Lady - I will do my best. Though we have not yet established whether LM will LET me cook in her kitchen yet. Perhaps I will be relegated to the butler's pantry. But I'm happy to bring good recipes and bad pans if it helps things along... :)


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