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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Seven Random Things

Fawn at Fawnahareo's Place tagged me for this meme in which I am supposed to reveal seven "random or weird" things about myself.

And I'm willing to be pretty random. But I also like to monkey with the rules on occasion. So, here are seven things. All of them are random. Six of them are true.

One. I adore riding horses. I'm surprisingly competent at it given how few times I've actually ridden. I can stay on a cantering horse, and have even managed to keep a horse or two from throwing me. I have fantasies about riding horses for miles along beaches with the wind in my hair. I was not allowed, no matter how much I begged and strategized, to have my very own horse living in our suburban backyard when I was nine. Though I still feel occasional pangs of longing about this, in this regard Mom was wiser than she knew. Turns out I'm also violently allergic to horses.

Two. I love antique jewelry. My engagement ring dates to around 1910, and if I had all the money in the world, I wouldn't go shopping at Tiffany's. I'd choose this fantastic little estate jewelry shop I found once in Boston right near the Public Gardens on a really swanky street. And I'd buy everything they had that was Edwardian, white gold, and filled with gorgeous garnets or sapphires.

I get unreasonably annoyed by the sight of "Tips" cans on the counters of coffee houses where I'm merely placing an order with a cashier who will shout my desired beverage down a chain of three people whose responsibility it is, respectively, to mark the cup, make the drink, and hand me my cup. Tips are for service -- for people who are making that horrifying minimum wage that's half of the regular minimum wage because they are supposedly earning tips. If you work in a coffee shop, your job is to ring up and pour (or steam) coffees. There's no extra service involved. And you make at least normal minimum wage. So I'm not sure why you need a tip to ring up my drink at the right price. Okay, I'll stop now. See? I said I was unreasonable.

I interviewed Jimmy Carter once on television. I was in high school, on a panel of three students, and the program was to be broadcast on public television. I don't recall what I asked, and although I have a video tape of the event, I've never watched it. I have a still photo (autographed) that shows me with astonishingly fluffy curly hair and thick giant curly bangs. Seeing that photo is enough; I don't think I could bear watching that girl speak and move.

Five. When I eat ice cream in a bowl, I stab it and stir it with my spoon a lot until it gets softer and a bit on the gooey side, with little melty dribbles of chocolate soup around the edges. Perfection.

Back in the day, I was a model for classes at an art school. The kind of art school where they like to draw pictures of humans without clothes. And the kind of art school where they kindly provide heat lamps for the models because no one really wants to spend lots of time molding goose bumps in clay or painting bluish lips on otherwise fabulous first-year-of-art-school paintings. You'd think this would be embarrassing--but at the time it was completely fine. While I never made eye contact with any of the clothed artistes during class, we had lots of fun yukking it up over bad coffee during the breaks. I'd wander around the school and the gardens in my robe. A substantial one, no doubt. But, really? Who in their right mind doesn't get dressed for the one-hour lunch break but instead chooses to eat sandwiches out of a brown paper bag while laughing with friends out in the sun in nothing but a robe? An artists' model, that's who. Also, in case you're wondering, the hourly pay for this is excellent. And college is expensive.

Seven. I would never let my Daughter be an artists' model.

So, there is me in Seven Things. Well, in six true things and one good story. I'll never tell which one is the odd one out -- no matter how hard you beg. But it would be fun to hear you try. :)

***** Here are the rules and my tags. *****

This is the “7 Things” meme, and here are the rules:

  1. Link your tagger. Post the rules.
  2. Share 7 facts about yourself (random or weird)
  3. Tag 7 friends
  4. Leave a comment letting them know they have been tagged.
Okay, well, I'm breaking the rules again. I'm not tagging seven. I'm afraid I might scare too many people away. But I will tag Latte Mommy, who has just ventured back into the pool after a hiatus occasioned by moving -- and who I think needs a bit of a push back into the deep end. I'm also tagging Beth at So the Fish Said, Nicole at SAHM Ramblings, and Betsy Bird at Emptying Our Nest -- all of whom are relatively new to me, and all of whom I look forward to getting to know better.


Kimmylyn said...

I love at those same coffee houses when you put your $.08 cents in that was your change that they get a look on their face like "yeah, thanks for nothing". I so hear you on this one.

I do the SAME thing when I eat ice cream.. (the two times a year my stomach will tolerate it..)

Fawn said...

Oooh, the agony and torture of not knowing! I'm going to *guess* either four or six. My money's on six, though, even though it sounds entirely plausible. Won't you even tell if someone guesses correctly? I think we might have to appeal to the sisters to squeal... ;)

I always felt I had a certain affinity for horses, too, probably largely because I was born in the Year of the Horse. It turns out that I, too, am very allergic to horses.

Thanks for sharing! (And the delicious whiff of wickedness, you rule-monkeyer, you!)

LceeL said...

I love to ride. I'm getting a bit too old, according to SWMBO (she who must be obeyed) and too brittle. She's afraid I'd fall off and kill somebody on the way down. But I think #6, too.

MIQuilter said...

Hi Fawn... just thought I'd let you know that I can TOTALLY be bought! The problem is what to pay me in..... chocolate, though what historically has been used as payment, is the forbidden fruit right now....

Ok, Where Was I? said...

I hate those tip jars too. Not that I go to coffee places much. But I kind of feel like I should have one around my neck--like, you got to be in my presence, throw in a dollar. The bathrobe story is funny. Someone followed me on campus one day almost all the way back to my apartment and then finally approached to ask if I wanted to model for the art classes. At the time I was horrified at the thought. Now I'm like, Ah, the good ol' days.

Nicole said...

Glad to hear I'm not the only one annoyed with those jars.

I also found it interesting that you modeled. I have a friend who is in charge of finding people for their art class... He asked if I knew anyone (male or female) who could pose. I asked a few of my more liberal friends whom I thought might and was laughed out of the room!

PS: Thanks for the tag. I'll be AFK for a few days but will address it when I return!

Momo Fali said...

Number seven made me laugh out loud!

McMommy said...

I'm totaling betting that #6 is the false one!!

(But is it true the pay is good? Hmmmm....I'm just saying...a little extra spending money to blow at Target might be just what I need.


Sandy C. said...

You're killin me! Okay, I'm guessing horses. Not sure why. Just a random guess.
Amen to the tip cans! As if charging $4 for stinkin coffee isn't bad enough in those coffee houses!

Betsy Bird said...

I can't stand the tip jars either. Although I'm kind of afraid to say that because that could be the one you're lying about. And I love "estate" jewelry. I feel exactly the same way -- if I had a big windfall, I'd spend it on a VERY old ring.

Thanks for the meme -- it's my very first, and I've already responded!

lattemommy said...

Hmm...I'm thinking #6 is the whopper in the bunch. However, you never do fail to surprise me!

Thanks for the tag! I'm dog-paddling my way back into the deep end...

MommyTime said...

I am finding this very interesting...

Some of you are assuming that it's obvious that certain of these are true (say, tip jars) and responding to those ideas, while others are much more focused on guessing which is NOT true. I'm sure Freud could tell us why.

And I'm sure there is a reason that Fawn and Lceel and McMommy and LatteMommy all assume I couldn't possibly have gotten nekkid for a bunch of artists, while Nicole and OK Where Was I? assume I obviously did.

But how will I keep up my reputation as an International Woman of Mystery if I reveal the truth? :)

foolery said...

A dollar says the only one in the bunch that isn't true is #7.

You have my address, MT.

ha ha ha -- great stuff, as always!


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