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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Invite My Shoes to Your Next Party

You'll be so glad you did. Here's a little sample of their mojo:

These shoes can tango.

But if line dancing is more your thing, these shoes will figure that out.

The Charleston? No problem. These shoes have a little retro going on...

Or if it's a more demure and elegant party, these shoes are quite content to wait for an admiring pair of wingtips to ask them to take a spin.

The best thing about these shoes is that they know precisely at what moment to collapse in a drunken heap and leave toes and arches free to cavort unadorned for the rest the night

Well, that and they can fly.

Seriously. They usually only do that when they've had a few too many -- but I swear it's the best. party. trick. ever.

And besides, all the cool kids are inviting them. McMommy is having a fabulous birthday bash soon, and these shoes will be there. But not with bells on, because that would make them look ridiculous, and they aren't interested in becoming jester shoes, thank you. Even without bells, these shoes fully intend to be the life of the party. They've got big plans for something involving jingle-ball fringe and a lampshade, but they aren't saying more than that.

You'll have to invite them to your party if you want to see for yourself. They may not be the sparkliest shoes at your party. But they will be without a doubt the most fun.

As a bonus, if you invite my feet (as the inmates of my shoes), they just might lilt on over to your party attached to the rest of me, which will be bearing some Salmon Fabulosity or a Little Lemon Cake with your name on it.

So just let my shoes know the next time you have a party, won't you, please? They've been itching for a little social interaction with your party shoes for a while now.

P.S. Until your party invitation arrives, these shoes are trotting over to Scribbit's place for a little write-away contest party, where there are sure to be lots of fascinating shoes to meet...


MultiplesMommy said...

You are too funny! And just so you know, your shoes have an open invitation to visit mine anytime. We might even be able to wrangle up a nice pair of boat shoes for you to hang out with on our, er, yacht. :-)

lattemommy said...

Um, those shoes are coming West, I hope? As long as they don't get too uppity about hanging out with some seriously non-fashionista sandals. Or bare feet (far more common at my house)...

MIQuilter said...

Will your party shoes hang out with a mumu clad, barefooted me? Cause that's my new MO...... I can't promise the most exciting party EVER but I can promise lampshades galore :)

Domestic Goddess said...

Damn, those are cute shoes.

As for living in the same town, I dunno, perhaps. Are you in Delco PA?

Scribbit said...

Absolutely, you'll be at the top of the invite list! You and your shoes :)

Betsy Bird said...

Love the shoes! My feet are envious. They would welcome you and your shoes and the rest of you to come visit down South anytime you want. Meanwhile, my thighs feel really bad for yours, because it doesn't sound like mine are working nearly as hard in the Couch to 5K program as yours are with your workouts. Don't tell yours, but this first week mine only have to go ONE mile, and they get to walk half of that. Shhhh!

Huckdoll said...

Smokin' hot shoes. I adore closed-toe and ankle strap. Tres chic.

foolery said...

You seriously backlit your shoes. Is there NOTHING you cannot do better than everyone else? It even seems you can dance! My Birkenstocks and Faux Keds are SO jealous.

Judith Shakespeare said...

Please tell me you wear an 8. Please tell me you wear an 8. Please tell me you wear an 8. Please tell me you wear an 8. Please tell me you wear an 8. Please tell me you wear an 8...

Can I borrow those? Purty please. (I'll let you carry the Prada bag.)

Kimmylyn said...

I have the SAME shoes.. though I have not worn them in FOREVER..

What a fun post..

OHmommy said...

Awesome shoes.

Sexy shoes.

Fun shoes.

Sassy shoes.

And oh so classy shoes.

I might have to join in on the party!

MommyTime said...

Ohhh... If OhMommy says they're good, they must be good! Please join the party!

Kim, get yours out, and let's go dnacing!

They'll party with your boat shoes any day, MM.

And I hope, Latte, that my shoes have better manners than to be uppity! :)

Domestic Goddess, unfortunately, unless Michigan is in Delco and I don't know it, I'm not there.

My thighs say they KNEW it, and they're trying to convince me to go easy on them, Besty. :)

Ah, Foolery, backlighting shoes is easy, and I'll share the trick: lie on your floor wearing your shoes; put your feet in the air so that your toes cover the ceiling light; take photo. But I do thank you for the compliment!

Judith, although I wear a 9, these are strangely an 8. And I don't know if they are actually too small or not, since in my life all heels feel that tight and awkward. So, let's get dressed together and hit the town, and we can take turns with the shoes and the bag!

MommyTime said...

MIQ, I always knew you were the best option for a lampshades party. My shoes did too. They'll be there any time you say. :)

Daisy said...

Party shoes -- so fun! These are definitely shoes with attitude.


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