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Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Vignettes

* * At the Zoo * *

Darling Visitor (reaching out and grasping Son's hand, as they're walking along): Hold my hand. You're so strong.

Son: Don't you want to hold your grandma's hand?

Darling Visitor: No, I want to hold yours.

Son: How come you love me so much more than your grandma?

Darling Visitor (with a little wonder in her voice): I don't know.

* * In the Backyard * *

Son, dressed in a cape, visor, and "super bracelets" standing with legs wide apart, arms akimbo, commands, "WALK the PLANK!!"

* * In the Morning, while Getting Dressed * *

Daughter: I got pretties [holding out little pony-tail holders, with colored ribbons attached]. See.

Darling Visitor: I want one. I want the pink one. Oh, the pink one!

Daughter, closing her hands, hugging the "pretties" tight and out of sight, demands: Say "Please!"

* * At the Playground * *

A hanging upside-down contest. "Let's pretend we're sloths. Whoever lets go first loses."

* * At the Beach * *

Son (pretending to be a shark, while Darling Visitor is a small fish): nom nom nom nom nom nom nom... *pauses, looks up from Darling Visitor's belly that he's been noshing* ... mmmmm.... tastes like chicken

And that pretty much sums up their relationship. Immediately in love with each other, Son and Darling Visitor (age 3), alternately played wonderful games involving superhero and knight costumes, wrestled, hugged, squabbled over who got the ball, rode with her on his lap in the single stroller when they got too tired. He wanted her to see all of his toys, to play a part in all of his games. Like big brother and little sister, they also went through phases of competition and "he said, she said." But saying goodbye this afternoon, the last day of their visit, she hugged and kissed him at the exit of the zoo. He hugged her tightly back and then as soon as she kissed him, he began to pout extensively, and emphatically wiped her kisses off his cheek.

Which I think is the definition of preschoolers in love.


Mr Lady said...

Oh my god, I love that kid. Have I mentioned that I am currently in possession of a cute little almost-three-year-old, too? he could hold HER hand someday. ;-)

bejewell said...

Oh, I am in love now. With both of them. WIth ALL THREE of them. And not in a creepy way. Just in a so-sweet-I-want-to-cry way.

I want to be invited to the someday wedding.

KD @ A Bit Squirrelly said...

I don't know if that could be any cuter...ADORABLE!

lattemommy said...

Awwww! So cute! I totally envision you pulling out this post at their wedding! :)

San Diego Momma said...

That is super cute. And I love the pictoral representation. I already imagined the adorableness in my mind's eye and those images just cemented it.

Great vignettes MM!

Aimeepalooza said...

oh that is so cute! "Tastes like chicken cracked me up!

Kimmylyn said...

How cute.. I loved how he wiped her kisses off.. He is a man in love for sure.. :)

IRISHKAT said...

That was such a touching post. i just want to squeeze them they are so adorable! It is such a fun age to watch.

Jaina said...

Aww, they sound too cute.


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