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Friday, September 26, 2008

McCandy...So Easy on the Eyes

You may not remember way back in March when the truth about my hunky TVLand Boyfriend was revealed to the world making LatteMommy and countless three other readers insanely jealous (for at least 4 minutes).

And now, bliss. Bliss, I tell you. McDreamy and the whole Grey's Anatomy cast have returned to life in the giant box that sits in the corner of my family room. And last night, I got to spend two whole hours with them. (Well, actually an hour and a half, because we recorded it and then fast forwarded through the commercials. Which makes it less time, but more quality time, uninterrupted by All State or Michelob.)

Husband thinks this show is a little silly, that all the characters are "self-indulgent whiners," that the thing is an unrealistic waste of time.

My response to these accusations: have you seen that hair and those piercing eyes?

Honestly, I don't watch TV to be enlightened. I don't really want realism. I'm not that interested in thinking very hard about it. I just want a little mindless fun, preferably with some interesting plot twists and as much eye candy as can be packed into a wide-screen format in any given shot. I'm what my friends in graduate school dubbed a "demi-prude," so I prefer my eye candy to be a bit mysterious, my steamy scenes to leave more to the imagination than otherwise, and my lover-ly tensions to get mileage from titillation rather than lots of skin shots.

In other words, a vaguely pseudo-smart doctor drama with lots of well-clothed hot doctors and love triangles in it is right up my alley.

And now, they've gone and brought on another McHottie, this time in army fatigues, who already has Christina all tingly -- and who is a maverick who does things like lean in close as if he means to plant one on her lips, only to use the leverage from the lean to pull the giant icicle out of her gut. Whatever. So I already know that icicles aren't that likely to do that, just detach themselves from roofs and plunge into your belly. And I suspect that even if they did, they might melt completely after several hours indoors, stuck in a nice warm human. lalalalalalalalala, I'm not listening. That scene was McHot, I'm telling you. And the fact that eventually he did kiss her -- and then just walked away? Even hotter.

I'm telling you, those Victorians had it all right. There is something much more provocative about being provocative than there is about jumping straight to the consummation part.

And so, this is me offering up my guilty pleasure. There are only a few TV shows I care about enough to watch regularly, and this is one of them. Another is Private Practice, the Grey's Anatomy spinoff that scored Kate Walsh (I'm not above appreciating her hotness; it's a simple fact), Taye Diggs and Tim Daly. It's two hours of can't-miss TV each week.

So come on now, fess up: who do you have a date with once a week in that big black box in the corner?


MultiplesMommy said...

I missed it? I missed it?!?!! I can't believe I missed the season opener because I was at the grocery store buying diapers. (Which, of course, was necessary seeing as how we have twins and only had one clean diaper left...) Geez Louise, why did no one tell me the season started last night? What with the writers' strike and the summer, it's been so long since I watched TV that I forgot about it.

As for my guilty pleasures...yes, Grey's is one of them. The other is Las Vegas, which has gotten decidedly stupider in plot since the tough guy left, but oh do I love me the eye candy!

bejewell said...

Grey's lost me when Denny died. I never watched again. I luuuurrrvvved Denny. If they brought him back as a zombie, I would totally start watching again.

MommyTime said...

Darling MM, go here to watch what you missed. You may have to install a media player, but it's sooo worth it.

Then, of course, program your recording device of choice to record GA no matter where you are, and then you'll never have to watch on a mini screen again. :)

Beej, I'm not sure zombies would work on this show, but I put nothing past them for Halloween!

MIQuilter said...

ooooo.... eye candy!!! I'm SOO happy the new seasons of my favorite shows have started! Never got into GA... my eye candy comes from Heroes (Suresh - not sure about the spelling...but VERY yummy!) and Bones (who can't love Agent Booth?)... and House - those eyee - it's eye eye candy :)

KD @ A Bit Squirrelly said...

So yes GREYS, Private Practice, Ugly Betty, One Tree Hill (that is the teenager in me)House and BIGGEST LOSER. I *heart* biggest loser. They literally work their arses off. Yes!

LceeL said...

I used to be a Grey's fan - but I have so given up on TV. I would rather paint and write - I'm just finishing up one story, on my blog and I have a landscape sitting on the easel that I've been trying to get back to since February - and the TV stuff just is too absorbing and if you don't just cut it off it will suck you in. That said, I AM going to watch Dexter, on showtime Sunday nights, and I will watch CSI on Thursdays - but THAT'S IT!! Painting. Writing.
And maybe someday I'll be famous. Maybe. But don't hold your breath.

calicobebop said...

Mmmm, I've never watched Grey's but I have to admit - you are tempting me! I love masculine men - hence my obsession with Booth from Bones and Sawyer from Lost. Why not add another to my virtual harem!

elizabeth said...

I made the husband get the kids in bed at 8 and I had the television on. I was not going to miss this! There was so much going on, though, that I felt it was a bit choppy. I'm so glad that there isn't a new episode next week, but the week after. Yay, I don't have to work!
I just about died while watching that beginning scene, though.

Ree said...

Why, yes I do. HBO seems to figure prominently. ;-)

Jaina said...

Ack! I can't read all of it...but I love McDreamy. I'm SO behind on this season already. The bf is still catching up on Season 3 of Bones, so I haven't seen the first few episodes of Season 4. Missed Heroes (he dvr'd the premiere) and Now missed Grey's. (will probably stream it) When does Private Practice start?

Aimeepalooza said...

Project Runway...which if I do get to watch it I am forced to watch hours of hunting as paybacks. Life with too much testosterone can be rough.

cactus petunia said...

I have standing dates every week with Dr. House, Tony Bourdain, and Jon Stewart...

Juli said...

I can watch a few shows with the volume muted and still be happy. Grey's (McDreamy AND McSteamy), Private Practice (Taye Diggs), L&O (back when Ben Bratt was there), Without a Trace (Eric Close, my current favorite). I'm also really excited about the new show The Mentalist with Simon Baker. He's YUMMY :)

Zoeyjane said...

I'm all about the medical narcassism. House and Grey's. But really, I thought McGIJoe looked to be a pretty bad kisser. I mean, the scene was right, but it just felt...off.

Which might be a key indicator of my other fave, The L Word. And then there's the guilty pleasure: Desperate Housewives.

lattemommy said...

Mmmmm...McCandy. My new favourite word. :)

I love, love, love Grey's. Won't miss it. Also loving Heroes, although the season opener irritated me a little. I watch a bunch of other shows, but I'm really waiting for January when Lost returns. There is no other.

And bejewell - Denny was in the season opener of Grey's on Thursday night. They keep bringing his hotness back because they know we just can't get enough!!!

Heather of the EO said...

I'm a Grey's fan too. Have been since the very first episode. I can't stop watching even if I'm kind of mad at it right now. Or at the writers. I can't figure out WHY the characters HAVE to keep spinning in the same circles. Oh. Meredith is unsure of commitment. Gee, that's new.

Sorry, not to be a downer. Because the Dempsey candy really is worth every stupid icicle. Or whine. Or bad dialogue.

I've loved McDreamy since You Can't Buy Me Love. And I'll love Grey's no matter what, but I sure have hope that things will improve a bit next episode :)

supertiff said...

i am SOOOO with you. you've perfectly explained the reasons that i insist on being at home (or, my mom or sister's home, as the show is much better when they are with me) on thursdays at 9pm.
non-negotiable, i say!

also: there is often much texting during the show, to friends home on their own couches. stuff like: "OMG NO HE DIDN'T!" and "OH SCHMACK, SHE JUST TOLD HIM!"

it's great fun.

MelADramatic Mommy said...

Definitely Grey's. Love that show! And hubby and I watch Lost. I also like Desperate Housewives, Brothers and Sisters, Weeds and Californication. Thank goodness for DVR!


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