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Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Dirty Little Secret

In case you haven't cleaned out your car lately, or in case you have and it horrified you, or for whatever reason you need to feel better about the state of the vehicle in which you spend too much time every day, I'm here to cheer you up immensely. Let me give you a little background: my children bring home inordinate amounts of art projects and paper from school every day. On late pick-up days, I tend to come prepared with a little snack for each of them in a small bowl. Daughter has a penchant for taking off her shoes in the car. I am generally getting out of the car at the end of the day with my own computer bag, purse, and lunch bag, in addition to whatever else I'm carrying for the children. I try to keep up, but somehow the stuff that makes it into the car just doesn't always make it out the same day.

Even though the car was not as bad as it has been at some points, I had to get it ready for our weekend trip, so I went to clean it out.

Here's what I removed:

2 fleece jackets

5 ½ pairs of shoes (some in sizes no one wears anymore)

1 dinosaur sun visor

1 sippy cup

1 denim jacket (mine)

2 baseball hats

3 socks

2 snack packs

1 windbreaker

A bag full of random paper trash

2 sunhats (one infant sized; my children are 2.5 and 4.5 YEARS old)

1 sweatshirt

1 orange cheetah print plastic fedora

2 random plastic bowls

1 complete outfit of Daughter's (dirty)

2 painting projects left over from a vacation we took in June

1 knight in shining armor shield (plastic)

This doesn’t even include the smattering of toys that live in the car in their very own car toybox, or the things I purchased on the day’s outings that I was planning on bringing in anyway. Nor does it explain how items long outgrown are finding their way into the car, particularly since I cleaned it out in June before our roadtrip out to Pennsylvania and New York and again in September before we went to Saugatuck for the rainiest weekend ever in the history of Michigan. I haven't troubled to list the handfuls of cheerios and pretzel nubbins that fed the vacuum, or the pencils, umbrella, spare diapers, sunscreen, sunglasses, wipes, and dvd player case that were simply restored to their rightful places within the car.

My conclusion here is a simple one: my car needs a maid.

Also? It's a good thing that the time I don't spend keeping my car tidy, I do spend doing dishes. Otherwise, our house would be terrifying.

How about you: what part of your home (or car) is your dirty little secret?


calicobebop said...

Can I just ask what the orange cheetah print plastic fedora was for? Because that sounds entertaining!

The most cluttered place in my home is my bathroom. I can seem to rid myself of nearly empty lotion, shampoo, hairspray, etc. bottles. So, they stand around like little soldiers witnessing my "beauty" ritual every day. I should really do something about that...

Lisa said...

I'm with you. Definitely the car. But it is not really a secret, since we take an elderly man to church with us every week, and every week I am embarrassed by the state of our car. But since the car is away from me most of the week (husband has to take it to work) and is used for errands most of Saturday, it doesn't usually get cleaned much.

Mandy said...

Don't feel bad! I think my car could rival yours!

Marinka said...

Thank goodness that the knight was plastic. And not human.

bejewell said...

You only had one sippy cup?


KD @ A Bit Squirrelly said...

I don't really keep up on our master bath. The front bath is clean 99% of the time but our bath OMG...I am embarrased!

Girl Friday said...

I'm honestly afraid to tackle the black hole that is the back of my car. Sigh.

Deb said...

Please... just wait until they start paintballing, swimming, skiing... wet bathing suits and paint splattered, sweaty clothes produce some sort of chemical reaction that can peel paint. couple that with 1/2 a cup of hot chocolate from the last ski trip ~9 months ago and some old mail and you've got MY car! and there might be some unreachable remnants from when the new puppy puked for 45 minutes between the seats. oh, and i guess i can't forget the whole snowcone syrup incident that matted and discolored my floorboard forever.

you DO appear to be off to a good start, however! by the time your kids are teens, you may very well have a leg up on me.

Heather of the EO said...

OH ME TOO. The car! My list would look pretty much exactly like yours. With all the raisins and crackers and wadded up kleenex in the world! Gross. I can't keep up, I really can't.

foolery said...

Sounds like a normal day in paradise, to me.

raino said...

the good thing is that, should you break down and your abandoned, you will at least be safe for a while. you'll be warm, well fed on all those crumbs of food. i am exactly the same, i'm afraid to admit. whenever my dads sees the inside of my car, he asks the same thing - 'when did the rats get out'?. it's standard now. i have two dirty little secrets, my car and my bedroom.

LceeL said...

Right now my car smells like hell. I went to Aldi's last Friday night on my way home from work. I forgot the 4 gallons of milk I bought were in the back of my car. The car was parked on the driveway all weekend. Moday morning I found 4 leaking, soured, separated gallons of milk in my car, having sat in the car, in the sun, all weekend. I have an appointment for Saturday morning to get it detailed over at the car wash. I hope they wear gas masks.

Jaina said...

That sounds like my mom's van. And, let's be honest, my car needs to be cleaned out and I'm generally the only one in it!

Ree said...

calicobebop asked my question. ;-)

And my bedroom. Shush. No one sees it but me and Mr. Hot.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

MY closets are my dirty little secrets because CRAP multiplies like rabbits! :O

Kim said...

My car...just pulled out 6 shoes, 2 socks, 4 textbooks, a bag of bags an empty box (moving size)...I could go on and on.

But that does not equal the bedroom that my younger two boys share. Ick, Ick, Ick. The only saving grace for it these days is the new carpet that is hidden underneath the throw rug.

soupisnotafingerfood said...

Um, are you sure that was your car you cleaned out? Because it sounds a lot like the contents of MY car. Of course, if so, then why the heck is my car so dirty?

Tooj said...

As a fellow mama, it's the car. But my other "secret" that really isn't MY secret is....my husband's closet. He's such a pig.

Two Live Cheaply In San Diego said...

Loved this list!! The scary moldy bottles are the worst. I really try to keep my car clean, but it never fails to accumulate a ridiculous amount of baby stuff.


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