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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Taste is a Matter of Opinion

In a great milestone at our house, my children have been dressing themselves recently. Not just in the sense of putting on their own clothes. In fact, sometimes they still need help with that. But rather in the sense of CHOOSING their own clothes.

Tuesday's winning outfit:

Daughter: wearing capri-length leggings in light pink, lime green, orange, melon, and yellow -- a sprightly summertime pattern -- over which she layered a bright pink-and-white butterfly printed cotton knee-length skirt (not the same shade of pink as the leggings contained), and then a sweet pink hoodie, a girl-styled University of Wisconsin sweatshirt featuring a large white Bucky Badger on the front. And, of course, her signature braids. She's ever so fond of the braids lately.

Wednesday's winning outfit:

Son: who picked his new burgundy-and-white plaid button down shirt, then decided it felt "too wrinkly" on his skin, so he layered it over his sky blue long-sleeve t-shirt, and rounded out the outfit with bright red jeans-styled sweat pants that are adorned with Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles all around one cuff. Also? The pants are approximately 6" too short for him, but he refuses to give up this most adored clothing item given him by his grandparents, and so he pulled his white ribbed socks all the way up to his knees, in an effort to keep his shins warm against the morning's 38-degree temperatures.

Although somewhat insane as fashion choices go, there was something oddly compelling about both outfits.

I remember as an adolescent that one of my mother's phrases I secretly most delighted in was uttered in the mornings. She would eyeball me up and down, quizzically, eyebrows arched in judgment, and say simply, "SO. That's the outfit of the day, huh?" I always knew that when she said that, I'd managed a particularly good combination, one that my friends no doubt would whole-heartedly approve.

Apparently, my children are trying to show me that what goes around comes around. Only they're starting in preschool.

More power to them.

I can't wait to see what tomorrow's outfit brings.


BusyDad said...

Oh how I wish you posted pics! Funny how at that age, well-fitting pants become flood pants in, oh, about 2 weeks.

DC Urban Dad said...

I get those same comments when I dress my 6 month old daughter. So that is what you are going to dress her in.

I am with busy - where are the pics?

LceeL said...

My guys were ALWAYS stylin' - especially #2 son. This the child would would, if we had let him, have worn a button shirt and TIE to kindergarten. He always liked dressing up.

And I'm with the other guys - where's the pic? (Just channel Clair Peller sayin' "Where's the beef?")

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Girl, just wait until they are teenagers. :) They are only preparing you now.

Mr Lady said...

I'm with Jim. CAMERA, woman.

calicobebop said...

Dude - and WHERE are the pictures?!? I used to try and match two of the same color together. Alot. Took me a while to realize that not all greens go together. Ha! Sounds like your children will have it figured out soon!

Ree said...

Oh mah gawd. I remember the days of wearing the Batman sweatshirt constantly. We'd have to do laundry when Shortman was asleep.

Daisy said...

When my daughter was young, I'd think to myself, "If I want to hang a sign on her that says 'I dressed myself!' it's probably obvious. And that's good."

MommyTime said...

I SWEAR, pinkie and everything, I'll take pictures of tomorrow's outfits and add them here. I promise! So sorry for not including them here, everyone. Mea culpa.

Rachel said...

I was just going to do a post about my 3 year old's choice of outfits lately! Today was a blue sleeveless satin-esque and tulle Cinderella dress OVER a bright pink long-sleeved dress with flowers OVER a white skort. Hmmmm... Not fun helping with the potty all day, but who am I to judge on fashion???

Lisa said...

Haha! I can totally imagine your mom saying that.

Can't wait for the pics.

Kimmylyn said...

I always let my four year old dress himself.. he usually makes pretty decent decisions..but on days he does not..I just let him rock on because..who the heck wouldn't want to wear a superman shirt with bright green pants and a batman cap everyday?

Tara R. said...

NO pix! You would be stunned to see what my 15yo picks out. I may have to go back to Grranimals just so I know that everything will match a little.

Jaina said...

Haha, sounds wonderful. I hope you got pictures of those winning outfits ;)


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