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Friday, March 27, 2009

Tea Party Day

Scene: Wednesday morning. 8am. Flurry of getting dressed.

On a normal morning, there is always the possibility of tears and lamentations. "But I don't want to wear that shirt. I want to wear my Power Rangers sweat shirt" (which is two sizes too small) or "But I neeeeed my dog bluejeans to match with this shirt" (yes, he knows brand names by logo only). And then, of course, Daughter chimes in, "I don't want these socks. I want my stripesy socks." Or some such.

But this past Wednesday, we had the added pressure of dressing for Tea Party Day. On the last Tea Party Day at school, there was much after-party drama in regards to the fact that Son had shown up in an ironed shirt but no tie. All of the other boys had worn ties.

Experienced mother that I am, I made Son plan his outfit the evening before. We had it all chosen, hanging up, ready to go -- madras plaid long-sleeve button down shirt, the good blue jeans, still inky indigo, with no holes in the knees, the belt.

Then comes the morning.

"I want to wear that shirt, but also a necktie."

"But you don't have a necktie that matches that shirt. That shirt is plaid. Your neckties only go with a white shirt."

"Well, then I'll wear that shirt under a white shirt. And a necktie."

"Honey, you can't wear one button-down shirt under another button-down shirt. It won't be comfortable." (It will look insane is not a valid reason not to wear something, in his style lexicon. Comfort, however, is King.)

"Well, okay then. I will just wear the white shirt...And a necktie."

Gigantic sigh from me. For, you see, we'd already done 27 rounds of this the night before, and he'd settled on the madras plaid, which was good for me because his ties all needed to be shortened. Not finding anything appealing (read: anything that looked remotely like his father's nice silk ties) in the children's section, we had allowed Son to choose an adult tie for the upcoming wedding of his uncle. I've made a tie before. It is easy enough to see how to shorten an adult tie by cutting off the widest end, reusing the lining to line the new end, etc., etc., so that the tie is properly proportioned for a four-foot-tall person. But I had NOT done that work the night before because he had chosen the madras shirt. Which would look horrendous with the two ties we have laid by, ready to shorten for him.

I tried to reason with him. I tried to change his mind. My Son, however, is nothing if not stubborn about his fashion choices.

And so, having promised that I would shorten the tie at some point, I found myself making good on that promise on Wednesday morning at 8am. It wasn't exactly what I'd planned to do before work that morning, but it was going to have to happen sometime.

And he did look very nice in the end, what with the belt, and the inky jeans, and the hair gel that Daddy helped him apply.

When he came home that day, I asked him how Tea Party Day had gone.

"Pretty good," he replied. "But none of the other kids wore a necktie except me and Noah."

Of course.

Who knew the primary lesson of pre-school was irony?


Rachel said...

He's so handsome!

Oh my gosh, I've recently given up this battle. If it's clean, hole-free, and weather-appropriate, they can wear it. With four kids, matching outfits are just NOT a priority anymore!

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

I had a similar lesson learned with my stepdaughter, tights and a Christmas program! Ugh! What a little heartbreaker you have, though!!!

Domestic Goddess (In Training) said...

Oh, and thanks for Comment of the Week! What an honor!

cy said...

he's gorgeous!

bejewell said...

White shirt, long tie, whatever. That is one gorgeous boy.

Daisy said...

I love that he wants to look good!

Ree said...

He's gorgeous!

Enjoy this time while he likes dressing up.

the mama bird diaries said...

First of all, what a cutie!

And you just made me feel so much better about our morning routine. Trying to get my girls dressed is the most frustrating, irritating part of my day.. which is why they've been wearing the same dora nightgowns to school for 2 weeks.

anymommy said...

He is adorable.

Now I am admitting to being speechless about tea party day and neckties and fashion choices in preschool. That's pretty cool. We must be slumming it for preschool. I pick my kids' oldest clothes and send them, same outfit over and over! They get so dirty, is the thing.

Dr. Mom said...

He is adorable! You're going to have to beat the girls off with a stick!

I have nominated you for an award, though you are not required to participate, I just appreciate getting to read your hilarious blog!


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