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Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Great February Shape Up: Who's In?

I decided I need to kick myself into gear and do something about the cottage cheese thighs that I bemoan every morning as I'm getting dressed. So this weekend I enlisted a friend who agreed to try to do the (evil) 30-Day Shred with me for a month. We figured if we emailed each other every evening to check in, we might motivate each other into sticking to the plan.

We also decided to cut out desserts and dessert-like objects (read: that chocolate muffin I eat at 3pm when I'm starving and there's nothing else edible at the kiosk in my building).

And then we got all hyped up on our own excited planning and issued a throw-down to the husbands: we're weighing ourselves on February 1, and taking all of our measurements, and then we're going to do amazing things to our bodies in the next month. What are you doing? Very quickly, a boys vs. girls challenge was born. Whichever team loses the most weight (based on percentages) in combination with the most inches by March 1 is the winner.

Why did we choose February? Well, it is conveniently now, and there was no reason to put this off. But also, it doesn't hurt to pick the very shortest month of the year if you are promising yourself to exercise every single day for a month.

And then I thought: how better to keep motivated for such a thing than to try to enlist as many friends as possible into the Great February Shape Up? The more of us the merrier, right?

No contest involved. Just moral support.

So here's the deal: If you've been thinking of starting your own personal fitness regimen, or you're bored and want (virtual) work-out partners, or you need some group mojo going on to keep working out, sign up.

Set whatever goals you like.
Make them realistic but just a bit ambitious.

Leave a comment on this post
saying what your goals are.

Email me every Saturday
(mommysmartini AT gmail DOT com) with your weekly update, saying how well you managed to stick to the weekly goals and/or what you still want to work on. (Include a link to your blog.)

Every Sunday, I will post a weekly recap of
everyone's great accomplishments so we can all check on in how each other is doing and keep the motivation going.

So: who's in?

My goals
(1) Exercise: do something every day. I prefer running or a Pilates class, but it takes a long time to get to the gym and do these things, so I've decided the 30-day Shred video (which only takes 20 minutes) will be acceptable as many days per week as needed.
(2) Food: cut out alcohol and desserts/dessert-like objects; pay better attention to portion sizes to emphasize fruits and veg much more and pasta a bit less.

Jump on the shape up train! Tell me what you're going to do this month...


Molly said...

I'm in.

Food Goal: Track what I eat, EVERYTHING!
Exercise: Physical Therapy twice this week. Get better as fast as possible so I can stop feeling like a little old lady.

Fawn said...

Okay, you totally didn't ask for opinions, but I'm giving one anyway. ;) Cut OUT desserts? Nuh-uh! Cut DOWN on dessert-like things. That's more like it!

Well, I've gone "no sugar" for up to two weeks before, and was amazed that I could lose several pounds just from doing that, so I'll give you that. But Michael and I have lost 25 and 20 lbs, respectively, in the past two months, and I have definitely NOT been cutting out desserts.

Because of Michael's food allergies we've changed the way we eat. We're having lots of good protein, tons of veggies (especially leafy ones), and lots of good fats (like coconut oil/milk, nuts, olive oil...) Seriously, not skimping on the fat at all. We've DRASTICALLY reduced carbs like potatoes, pasta, bread, and rice, and honestly, I think that's what's made the difference. We've also cut way down on dairy (all the way for him, since it's one of his allergies).

Anyway, I'm only bringing this up because this is the easiest weight I've ever lost. I wasn't even trying... I kept drinking hot chocolate a couple of times a day and having something sweet now and then (not too often because I didn't want to torture Michael!) It sure hasn't felt like a diet; we just happen to be eating really healthy meals now. (And I thought we were pretty balanced before!)

Also? Popcorn, popped in a brown paper bag in the microwave, drizzled with a little olive oil and salt? You're welcome. ;)

P.S. OpenID is always touch-and-go for me, so I prefer leaving a comment using the "anonymous" field so that I can still link to my blog. But I'll keep reading and commenting regardless because I love visiting you. :)

And I will now end the longest comment ever...

Angie said...

I am with Fawn, you can not cut out all desserts and alcohol. Especially on Tuesday night.

I am in on exercising 5 days a week, minimum 30 minutes. 2 days have to be running. And keeping a food diary the whole time.

And good luck!

Lisa said...

I've lost all my pregnancy weight from #3 (who is 4 months old), and have knocked off two of the 5 lbs. I gained "permanently" with #2 (who is 4 years old!). By the end of Feb. I would like to be rid of the other 3 lbs. from #2. I would also like to have said goodbye to 2 of the 15 lbs. I gained "permanently" with #1.

Except for losing weight before my wedding, without even trying, I've never had much success at weight loss, so this progress is very exciting and motivating.

I will be sticking with what's working right now...Jillian Michaels workouts 5 days a week(she is evil, but effective) and limiting my intake of carbs, especially sugar. I imagine the breast-feeding doesn't hurt, either. Although, as you can see from the above numbers, it didn't really help all that much with the other two.

Good luck to you!

Suzy Voices said...

I'm in! I have a 42-flight stair climb race on March 6th that I have to get ready for PLUS a trip to Puerto Rico in May, and I'm nowhere near bathing suit shape!


1. Work out at least five times a week. Currently I'm doing the Urban Rebounder, which rocks.

2. Eat healthier (which means getting rid of the chocolate donuts in my office drawer, damn).

3. Portion control!!

A few of the girls at my work are taking Adipex (weight loss drug), and it's working well for them. I may have to look into it, because I could definitely use something to curb my appetite!!

Danielle said...

I am doing this with a group of blogging gals through "Loose it Bitches".
The web site has some good advice.
Good luck!

BusyDad said...

I'm just here to lend moral support. Go go go! Ra Ra Ra!

Well, ok, I am currently kicking my own behind 3 times a week doing Crossfit, and I love it. But I can't seem to stick to any regimented eating routines. And I cannot give up alcohol. So in essence, I do Crossfit so I can drink. How sad.

Mrs F with 4 said...

I'm with you. Well, trying to be. I want the self-inflating ring around the middle gone. GONE, do you hear me? I KNOW I had four children in five years, but the youngest is two, so, really, I can't blame her anymore. It's mine to keep. Well, to OWN and do something about.

Coherent, no?

Emily said...

Ok I'm in but due to illness I'm not counting this week. I did get 1 run in and then the lurgy took over.

Goal 1 - run 3 times a week

Goal 2 - get mealtimes organised to follow Food Doctor plan.

I really would like to lose another 9lbs this month before I head to the UK!

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I did something like that this summer while preparing for a week vacation at the beach. Cutting out wine and sweets makes a huge difference (keep meaning to do that again...). And the 30 Shred is surprisingly hard! I never left level 1 and I couldn't manage to shred every day. It was more like the every other day shred for me.

Can't commit right now - but I have to start thinking about my summer clothes soon...


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