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Sunday, June 6, 2010

I'm not sure if I love this Monday Potluck button. But maybe I do. In any case, the second half of this past week has been all wedding all the time, as some younger cousins of mine took the plunge and we spent an inordinate amount of time eating, dancing, eating, talking to relatives we don't get to see very often, eating, and well, a little more eating for good measure. So this banner, which I came up with earlier in the week, is just going to have to do for now.

Since I am up to my eyeballs in deliciousness, jello with pimento-stuffed olives seems even more extreme. Hopefully, the tidbits below are easier on the palate than that 1950s "delicacy."  Enjoy the morsels.

Because there is just no figuring out where or how they came up with that sometimes...

Loud singing coming from the backseat: 

"I'm driving in my car, 
driving in my car,
driving in my car,
all the way to Middle-y-apolis.."

[pause] If consternation made a sound, she'd be making it. Clearly, there is something not quite right about her lyrics. She tries again, somewhat more softly.

"I'm driving in my car, 
driving in my car,
driving in my car,
all the way to Minny- Minny- Minny Mouse.."

[pause again.] The murmurs begin. 

"Middle-y-apolis . . . Minnle-y-apolis . . . Minny Mouse...apolis?" 

She falters. Then decides just to give the whole thing another go. The volume increases. Singing becomes more confident. 

"I'm driving in my car, 
driving in my car,
driving in my car,
all the way to [mumble]apolis!"

"Do you mean Minneapolis?" I ask her, finally daring to break in and offer help. 

"I don't know," she replies serenely. "I just can't say that word. It's in Spanish, so I don't know it. The rest of the words are not in Spanish, but that one is. The only words in Spanish I do know are in Dora."

Because it's always worthwhile to try new things...

I've had Elizabeth Mitchell's "You Are My Little Bird" CD in my car's player for the past three years. Maybe four. It is one of those rare albums for children that is musically pleasing and interesting enough for an adult to enjoy--even when it is played approximately 1000 times.

This past week, I suddenly couldn't bear to play it again, though, and so I did something astonishing, radical, and unexpected when my children moaned from the backseat that "all this talking is boring" in response to my perpetual tuning of the radio to NPR.

I put in a different CD.

The world did not end. The car did not stop suddenly. The children did not implode.

No. We kept driving down the road, all singing together, and I suddenly realized: I am no longer chained to the only acceptable car (read: children's) music I've ever found. I can hardly explain my elation.

Because my body isn't as young as it used to be...

This week, I rediscovered the value of glucosamine. It's the stuff your body naturally manufactures to lubricate your joints. We've been giving it to our ten-year-old dog for about a year and a half now to help combat her arthritic/stiff hips.

Turns out, medicine that soothes the joints of old dogs works wonders on a runner's aching knees.

Which, I'm pretty sure, means I qualify as an old dog of a runner.

Because everyone deserves a little space to rant once in a while...

Back in February, I made the claim that I should be an Editor-in-Chief of something. Basically, that claim was self-puffery elaborated through a series of ranting observations about the idiocy that passes for magazine covers these days.

But here's the crazy thing.

Recently, Atlantic Monthly started putting tiny page numbers under the article teasers on the covers of their magazines, just like I said they should to combat the fact that they run cover teasers completely unrelated to their article titles. Coincidence? I think not. 

Because my children need to learn to eat "mixed up foods"...

They are quite good eaters, as long as the veggies are steamed al dente and served plain, the protein or rice isn't coated in any kind of sauce, and the pasta is prepared with your basic home-made cheese or marinara sauce. I know I shouldn't complain about kids who love brocooli, sugar snap peas, tomato soup, and roast chicken.

But try to go for a Thai curry, containing ONLY ingredients they love? They won't touch that "mixed up food" with a ten-foot pool.

Husband I think they're old enough to start developing more complex tastes. And, we want to be done reserving half of the cooked ingredients to plate up without simmering, or rinsing the stew sauce off the veggies (yes, we have, more than once), or forgoing risotto because it's rice! but with sauce!  Hence the summer-long new foods eating contest.

Successes of the past week include: black beans and peanut noodles for Daughter, and ham-and-cheese quiche and roasted potatoes for both kids (it's true, neither of them has ever liked a potato that wasn't deep fried).

Somewhat dubious: the Green Soup.

Up next week: fish tacos, risotto made with a mushroom reduction, and--you guessed in--Thai curry.

Because you really need to know...

Turns out, a Slinky does not make a good jump rope. (At least, not good for the Slinky.)

I know it seems like there should be more to this story.  But there isn't.

Because awesome readers deserve props...

Comment of the Week this week goes to the always hilarious Nanny Goats in Panties, who threw me back to high school with one simple line, "Who's zooming who?"

And then found it necessary to backtrack and qualify because she didn't think the comment was funny enough on its own. How can you not adore someone who edits even her comments on other people's posts to make them funnier? If you have never read her blog, run over there right now. It's awesomeness wrapped in a package of adorable goats. In panties.

And don't forget to check out Holly's Potluck this week. She's the one who started it all. Thanks Holly!


texasholly said...

OK, first...the olive jello badge is genius. It is almost worse than my beet jello recipe which is sayin' something.

I love the food challenge and may have to incorporate it into my summer.

Last, NIP comment...she is among the greatest commenters of all times and to edit comments in later comments is one of my favorite things ever.

Thanks for potlucking!

Bobbi Janay @When did I go from a kid to a grown up? said...

I love some of your buttons I will be working them in to my future potluck.

Jb said...

Who knew that Minneapolis was a Spanish word? OMG! No wonder my kids are failing Spanish class!

(p.s. came over from Potluck bloghop)

Ash said...

You're a genius - seriously. I hope to see the page number trend continue to my Entertainment Weekly.

(I wish I could say I read something smarter, but I'd be lying.)

Olives and Jello. Hmm? Probably not one of the mixed up foods you should have the kiddos try. Ew. Good luck!


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