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Saturday, August 28, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things

The way a child’s skin smells at the end of a long summer day outside

Rain on the roof at night

The slight hiss that invades my son’s speech when he loses a tooth


Running miles barefoot on the beach

Black and white photographs

Dinner parties – not the stuffy, formal kind, but the kind where the food is great, the conversation is even better, and the laughter (and wine) last far into the night

Deep snow

Jokes invented by preschoolers

Chocolate, raspberries, red wine, crusty sourdough baguettes, port salut cheese -- singly, or in pretty much any combination

The sound and smell of the ocean

How about you? What do you love?


McMommy said...

Laughing til no sound comes out....staying up late on my laptop when the whole house has gone to bed....Ben & Jerry's Coffee-Heath Bar Crunch ice cream in a waffle cone...

(Love your list, MM!!)

LceeL said...

I love waking to find her head on my chest and the smell of her hair in my nose.

Tara R. said...

Warm blankets and warm feet. Growing old with my best friend.

MomZombie said...

I love your list. Here are some of my favorite things:
The smell of sauteed garlic; a fresh bunch of cilantro; the way my muscles feel after a long, draining workout; discovering a great independent bookstore with big, comfy chairs and a coffee bar; how the world looks after a heavy snowstorm; a bonfire on a chilly night; and cranking up my favorite music in the car when I get the rare chance to drive alone. I think I need to make my own list.

Amber said...

I love many of those things.

Not to mention quiet, cool nights after everyone has gone to bed!


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