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Saturday, October 30, 2010

I am...

I am a carver of jack-o-lanterns, a kisser of boo-boos, a matcher of socks.

I know which vegetables each of my children will currently eat.

I am a dance partner, a spelling quizzer, and a hot chocolate afficionado.

I read stories with voices for each of the characters. The hammock in summer and the down comforter in winter are my preferred nests for story-time, and I do not get tired of reading until my voice cracks with dryness or someone falls asleep.

I am the Tooth Fairy.

I am a maker of costumes, a maker of puppet theaters, a maker of gardens, a maker of cupcakes.

I talk through the Four Things at bedtime, so that we are all up to speed on the tenor of each other's day. I invent dreams--of rhinos playing baseketball or butterflies large enough to fly us away on their backs--that plant seeds in the minds of sleepy children who are timid in the dark.

I am a Tickle Monster.

I know the difference between a plie and a pirouette and where on the soccer field the goalie has to stop using his hands.

I am a packer of lunchboxes, a checker of homework, a follow-up-tooth-brusher.

The softness of my belly, their first home, serves as a pillow that chases away nightmares.

Mine is the hand they reach for in the parking lot, the ear they reach for with a secret, the heart they cling to in their childish griefs.

I am keeper of the glue gun and of the chewing gum.

I am mother, defined in endless, shifting details.

I am the keeper of the kisses.


fawn said...

And *I* am a big fan of your writing. Lovely.

BusyDad said...

You are also awesome. Funny, I do the voices thing too. You know how hard it is to read your child the original stories of Sherlock Holmes like that? My kid will grow up with a terrible idea of what a British accent sounds like!

Ann Imig said...

This is beauty.

You are a lot. I don't mean A LOT b/c people sometimes say..Oh Ann, she is A LOT and that means INTENSE.

You are a lot. You do a lot. Of beauty.

Kate Coveny Hood said...

I love how this captures the little things that are so BIG in a child's life. "Mother" is home. And home is where you are safe.

You are safe because there is someone overseeing all. Kissing the boo boos and making sandwiches the right way. Chasing the mosters far behind the fairies - for as long as we can clap our hands and believe.

This post makes me feel warm and safe because I have a mother. And it makes me feel strong and capable because I am one.

MomZombie said...

Beautifully written.


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