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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Things I Ponder

If I walk around all day in heels (this usually only happens when I'm teaching, so I'm on my feet a lot), my calf muscles hurt by the time I get home at night. Does this mean I can say I've been exercising all day long?

How is it possible to be too tired to do anything productive but too awake to go to bed?

Why do home highlights last 2-3 weeks and salon ones last twice as long (or more)?

Who invented pockets in jersey/microfiber pants, and why? All they do is ruin the line of your clothes and make unsightly wrinkles. And provide you with an excuse to use the phrase "unsightly wrinkles" which, really, doesn't get used often enough.

Why do children who are overtired, and hence hyper-sensitive to being touched, insist on remaining within four square inches of each other and then whining that they are being touched and don't like it?

How late can you send out Happy New Year! cards without being completely ridiculous if, just hypothetically mind you, you didn't send out Christmas cards but would like to write personal notes to friends who live far away that you don't get to see very often? If you get them mailed before New Year's Eve, even though they will arrive after the New Year hits, is that still considered acceptable?

Got answers? I'll take them...


Fawn said...

No answers on anything except the cards. You could send them in June, and that would still be okay, because friends far away will love to get a personal message from you in the mail, no matter what. Someone in *this* household might also hypothetically need to do something similar because said someone ALSO didn't send any cards last year. Hypothetically speaking, of course.


LceeL said...

ANY card, ANY time - always better than no card at all. As for the kids thing (heh, heh) - I'll tell you what I used to do to mine when they got into that "He TOUCHED me" thing, which I guess all kids with siblings do: I used to grab 'em, pick 'em up and hold them tight, and lick 'em. Usually a cheek, but if they were too squirmy sometimes I'd accidentally get an eye.

Funny though ... that whole "He touched me" thing didn't last too long - however .. licks lasted until they were big enough to fight back. Although I still manage to catch 'em by surprise once in a while.

(They think it's GROSS.)

Tara R. said...

I want answers to the 'too tired to sleep' question too.

I like Lou's trick with the kids. My husband and I did that too.

Mr Lady said...

Because the salon ones are made with real chemicals that are meant to last that long, and OTC ones aren't.

Dec 15th is probably the latest you could reasonably send those cards out. :)


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