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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Blizzard Schmizzard

I know all you meteorologists out there will beg to differ on a technicality, but the Detroit verison of "Snowpocalypse 2011" really is a huge let down. Oh, sure, somewhere around 2am, it was a justifiable blizzard here--all crazy high-pitched wind and snow being hurled at the house so hard it sounded like furious sleet. But the net result is something like six or eight inches of snow cover, which, any way you shovel it, is pretty anti-climactic.

It's hard to tell precisely how much snow we got because the wind sent it drifting to such an extent that it was about four inches deep along the entire length of our driveway on the south side, and eight or ten inches deep along the north side.

So, I guess that counts as some kind of cool blizzard-y phenomenon.

But it's hardly something to write to my sister about. You know, the sister who lives in the Boston area. The one whose house saw 68" of snow in January alone. The one who, without a snow-blower, has been routinely removing 14" or 22" or 26" of snow from her driveway. The one who lost her five-year-old a few times the day they went out to shovel the snow off the back deck because they were worried about how deep it was getting. Lost her. In the snow drifts.

I look out my window, and it just looks like a snowy day. I can't see the grass. The margins between driveway, yard, and street are completely erased in a sea of undifferentiated white. I find it pleasant to be visually marooned this way, drinking coffee laced with heavy cream (I have decided any other kind of coffee is pointless), and reading and writing at my desk. I like the sensation of winter stillness, the muffle of passing cars, the slow sifting downward of heavy flakes.

The stiffness in my back attests to the fact that shoveling this morning was much more work than it has been recently. But NOAA photos notwithstanding,

Cloud cover over the US as of yesterday afternoon. No small storm system.
I basically feel cheated.

I was all excited for a real, honest-to-goodness, two feet of snow, no one's going anywhere in a hurry, kind of blizzard. I've never been in that kind of snowstorm before, and it sounded fun. (I know, everyone on the East Coast is throwing rotten tomatoes at me right now. Sorry.) It sounded like an adventure.

The word blizzard is vaguely thrilling. Dangerous sounding. Enticing.

We basically got eight inches of snow with the promise of a few more today.

There's a word for that too.

It's winter.

Not that I don't like winter. (See above.)  I was just hankering for its more exciting cousin--as I was promised.

The moral? Don't believe the Weather Channel hype.

The good news? Since I long-ago learned that most meteorologists could do with a good dose of look-out-the-window-occasionally-buddy, I sort of already knew that about the Weather Channel.  Hence: I didn't run out to the store yesterday in a panic for milk, eggs, or other "essentials" -- so at least I don't have to eat spaghetti-o's for the next two days.


Becky said...

I know this is just me being cranky because I got stranded 20 miles from my home and my kids because of the snow. A semitruck decided he did own the road and I wasn't prepared to argue the fact and ended up in a ditch. I hitched a ride 15 miles back from where I came, to get the last available hotel room to wait out the storm.
20+ inches of snow and ice later, it will be 6:30 tonight before anyone can get here to pick me up and take me home. Then there is the issue of getting my car out of the ditch.
Yesterday the Highway Patrol/Department of Transportaion closed Interstate 70 across 2/3 of the state of Missouri due to snow and ice.
I wish our Snowmageddon was no big deal, really. You're not missing out on much. :)

Lorna said...

We got a bit more over here in West Michigan. It's my first Michigan winter so I was all kinds of excited about Snowpocalypse 2011. The snow we got here made it very difficult to walk our little doggies this morning, and it took quite a bit longer than usual to shovel the driveway. We quit before finishing our sidewalks, we live on a corner, so we have a lot of sidewalk. There's pics on my blog if you want to see.

slow panic said...

a snowcaplypse whatever the hell it's called should be required to be three straight days of blizzard madness

MommyTime said...

@Becky, I do have real sympathy for people in serious blizzard conditions. And I hope you--and your car--and everyone you love are fine. Same for you, Lorna.

I just feel like slowpanic does: if you're going to CALL it a snowpocalypse, it ought to LOOK like a blizzard. :)

Jenn Sullivan said...

I have been lurking for a while. But I wanted to say how sorry I am for ya'll. I don't know how you deal with snow and the freezing cold and drama that goes along with it, but you are all much stronger than me. I wouldn't dare to defy snow in case I jinxed it and it actually snowed here in Vegas and stuck for more than an hour. I just couldn't handle it. I hope you all stay warm and safe.

Heather said...

Yall are going to hate me for saying this... but I sorta wish it snowed where I lived every once in a while. Snow in a non-threatening, I get the day off work to play sort of way.

Current conditions in San Diego: 61 degrees and sunny. And I won't even mention that my boss just complained it was too cold to surf this morning. :P

Momo Fali said...

I didn't believe the weathermen who were calling for an inch of ice (fully expecting they would be wrong AGAIN and that it would just rain).

They were right. I had no internet for 24 hours. I almost didn't make it. Some of my friends lost power for three days, yet I can't feel sorry for them, because INTERNET!

Ann Imig said...

Our snowpacolypse brought a mere 12 inches. I agree-paltry compared to the 20" in Kenosha.

Still I worried about losing six in the drifts!


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