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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Things We Were Very Sure We Knew--But We Really Didn't Know at All--Back When We Were Teenagers

(This is an easy list to start, though it may in fact be impossible to end.)

  • How to drive on the highway.
  • What "flabby" thighs looked like. On us.
  • All the words to that one song that Adam could play so great on his guitar and we all loved to sing softly late at night when we were supposed to be home already but we just had to stay out a few minutes longer and sing that one song, you know the one that goes...
  • How much curl was the right amount of curl to make our hair as perfect as possible. 
Senior yearbook photo, circa 1987
  • Also: bangs, the value and proportion of.
  • Heartbreak.
  • That we would always, all our whole lives, be able to finish at midnight, with the help of just one laughing friend, a box of a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts--so hot and fresh that they dissolved into little puddles of happiness on our tongues.
  • That we were artists.
  • That no one would ever fall in love with us.
  • Fashion. More specifically: that your father's size extra-large, shell pink button down looked great on all of us (who were about size 5 back when that meant something). That earrings should be worn in threes, but none of the three should match. That multiple pairs of socks, of different colors, layered over one another and topped by shoes that channeled 1920s football boots looked good on anyone.
  • That the most boring thing in the world is dusting. (It turns out to be lying silent and stone still in your toddler's narrow bed at 8pm, uncomfortably pregnant, highly conscious of the fact that you have papers to grade and that if you make the slightest move to leave his room until he is completely asleep, this whole process will have to start all over. Closely followed by starting to grade those papers at 9pm.)
  • That the best place to read is in a tree.
  • That only babies and old people take baths.
  • That doing chores to loud music first thing on Saturday morning is a hardship.
The stuff we were (mostly) right about?
  • Boone's Farm Strawberry Wine. (It is gross. However, we don't have to drink it.)
  • That whatever you have to face, if you have at least one true friend to see you through, things will be fine on the other side. (Or, at least, finer than they were without that friend along for the ride.)
  • Leggings. (!)
  • That writing an outline before writing the paper is a stupid waste of time (because how are you supposed to know what your ideas are going to turn out to be until you've written the paper?)
  • That homemade macaroni-and-cheese is the best comfort food ever.
What goes on your lists?


Kate Coveny Hood said...

White tights are a good idea.

Hats are probably NOT as cute on me as they are on Debbie Gibson.

Don't date your best friend because it will ruin the friendship. Instead - date the A-Hole who makes you feel insecure because it's exciting.

It's better to have really great friends than a boyfriend. (Thank god I always had that one right.)

LOVE this list!

MommyTime said...

Love these additions, Kate. (BTW I still think white tights are a good idea -- on my kindergartner. ;)

BusyDad said...

Your little tangent about sleeping next to the baby and being afraid to move lest it start all over again rang so true to me... except the pregnant part and grading papers. I am exempt from both of those. However, replace that with "find yourself asleep in your skivvies on the floor of your baby's room hours later - but at least she's sound asleep." Love the list.

Josette at Halushki said...

OMG, This is all SO TRUE, LOL!

My mother loves telling about the time I wore my father's boxer underwear as shorts. She was scandalized, but for a brief Go-Gos summer, that was all the style. ARGH!!!

Ann Imig said...

You are so pretty, and I would've killed to look like you in high school.

Also, Mac and Cheese even from the box is my number one comfort food.

MommyTime said...

@Ann, thank you. You are very sweet. But, of course, I would have killed to look like anyone else except me in high school.


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