Volume 12 (May,2008)

Ngo Xuan Binh Towards East Asian Community ? Start from Promoting East Asian Economic Integration 3
Dong Ju Choi Socio-economic Approach for Softening Borders (Implication of Experience in the Korean Peninsula) 19
Luan Thuy Duong East Asian Community Building Process: Impetus and Obstacles 37
Geun Lee Structural Obstacle to Regional Integration in East Asia: The Problems of Sovereignty and Bilateralism in Northeast Asia 49
Le Bo Linh-Dr. Tran Khanh Existing Foundations for Multilateral Security Cooperation in East Asia 61
Acad. Vo Dai Luoc East Asian Economic Community: Possibility and Reality 73
Pham Thi Xuan Mai Cooperation on Environment and Development in the Northeast Asia Region 83
Prof. John McKay The New Security Agenda in East Asia: Challenges and Opportunities for Building a New Regional Security Architecture 97
Prof. Kitti Prasirtsuk Contesting Models for the East Asian Community: Some Suggestions for the Way Ahead 133
Robert A. Scalapino Prospects for Regionalism in Northeast Asia 143
Yang Baoyun East Asian Community: The Ideal and the Reality 153


Volume 11 (May,2007)

Lydia N. Yu Jose The Japanese and Filipino Laborers on Kennon Road : The Memorialized and the Forgotten 3
Peter Hayes The role of international adoption in Japan's childcare system 25
Xiuying Zou Introduction to Bibliography of Asian Studies Online (BAS Online) 41
Jae-mog Song Korean -e iss- and Mongolian -eed bai- 57


Volume 10 (May,2006)

Hua Li Prefase  
Narifumi Maeda Tachimoto Community and Identity in Eastern Maritime Asia 3
Manisoth Keodara Ethnic Groups in Laos: Probrems and Government Policy 13
SOM Somuny Charm Ethnic Minority in Cambodia 23
Robert Edward Elson Constructing the Nation: Ethnicity, Race, Modernity, and Citizenship in Early Indonesian Thuoght 33
U The Tun Harmony and Conflict of Ethnic Groups in Southeast Asia: A Brief Survey and Prospect 57
Vladimir Portyakov New Chinese Migrants in Russia as a Problem of Harmony and Conflict in Russian-Chinese Relations 81
Kinhide Mushakoji Ethnicity in Global Asia- Between the Right to Settle and the Right to Migrate - 97
Kang, Kwang-Shic A Vision for Northeast Asian Community - Building: From the Perspective of the Roh Moo- Hyun Government Korea 117
Rowena Ward Japanese Nationhood: In Search of Difinitions and Identification 131
Marzuki Usman Why Conflicts of Ethnic Group Occur in Indonesia 153
Kobkua Suwannathat-Pian A Question of Choice or Compromise? Ethnicity and National Identity of the Chinese Communities along the Western Seaboard of the Upper Malay Peninsula up to the First Half of the Twentieth Century 161
Chau Thi Hai Harmony and Conflict of Ethnic Groups in Southeast Asia: the Case of the Ethnic Chinese Community in Indonesia 183
Amara Pongsapich Coexistence and Cultural Diversity along the Borders: Two Case Studies from Thailand 197
Annette Hamilton Visions of Difference: Minorities and Ethnohistory in Southern Thailand  
Teresa S. Encarnacion Tadem The Philippipne Left and Problematizing the Moro Question in a Time of Democracy  


Volume 9 (May,2005)

Hua Li Preface 1
Woo Soon-Jo Evidences for the Syntacitc Nature of Agglutination of the Korean Language 101
Zhang Xiaoming Regional Identity and Northeast Asian Community Building 117
Haihui Zhang After-thoughts on the Compilation of An Annotates International Bibliography of Bibliographies on Studies of China's Ethnic Minorities in the 20th Century 125
Yoshida Yasuhiko Misconceprions in the American policy toward North Korea --the Past, Present and Future 25
Kyung-Chae Chung Technological Impact on Spatial Formation and Integrity of Urban Spaces for a Sustinable and Competitive Development in Seoul 3
Wada Ryozo Acultural Geographic Study of Horse-Chestnut Foods in Japan 47
Wi, Pyoung-Ryang Empirical Analysis of the Relations Between Korean Corporate Ownership Structure and Corporate Value 75


Volume 8 (May,2004)

Hua Li Introduction 1
Hao Bin Opening Speech 2
Shigeyuki Abe Where Is Japan Going? Perspectives from Her Trade and Investment 3
Tae-Dong Kim East Asian Economic Cooperation: Korean Perspectives 33
Justin Yifu Lin Future Role of China in Asia 43
Robert A. Scalapino Asia -Pacific Regionalism and U.S. Policies 51
Yang Baoyun Several Considerations about the China-ASEAN Free Trade Area 67
George T. Yu Asia's New Regionalism: ASEAN+3 79
Yan Pin Yoong Impact of Economic Globalization on East Asia and Particular, on ASEAN 89
Marzuki Usman and Ika S. Usman Trade Relations Between China and Indonesia from 2002 to beyond 2020 97
U Thet Tun Economic Globalization and Regionalization in East Asia Myanmar --A Case Study in Pre- 107
Manisoth Keodara The Impact of Globalization of Socio-Economic Development of Lao PDR 119
Cau Thi Hai Vietnam vis-à-vis the Tendency of Globalization 137
Prapin Manomaivibool The Role of Chinese in the Economic Globalization 149
Walden Bello Global Capitalism versus Global Community 155
Kim Won Soo The Globalization and the Concept and Contents of Area Definition 163


Volume 7 (May,2003)

Sei Fujita Introduction 1
Hua Li Preface 2
Ying Zhu and Malcolm Warner Emerging Pradigms of Human Resource Management on One of China's Special Economic Zones 3
Namchul Lee Human Capital and the Female Labour Market in Korea 29
Feng Rui An Analysis of Relations Between the Central and Local Governments in China's Industrial Policy 49
Ben F.Hu Roots of the Post-1949 Party Line Struggle Between Mao Zedong and Liu Shaoqi 61
Kyung-Chae Chung Transformation of the Main Features of Megacities and Regional Integration in Northern Asia 73


Volume 6 (May,2002)

Sei Fujita Introduction 1
Hua Li Preface 2
Back Lang Wi The International Legal Systems of Compensation and Liability for Transboundary Nuclear Damage 3
Yuriko Moto Multiculturalism and Feminism for Women Belonging to Minorities 45
Jessica Lam & Ichiro Oka The Role of Female Politicians in the Japanese Political Arena: Another Explanation for the Recent Increase in the Number of Female Politicians in Japan 67
Alex Kung-Hsiung Chantg The Impact of Domestic Financial Market Deregulation on Foreign Investors: A General Equilibrium Analysis 81
Youngrok Kim International Trade Theory of Monopolistic Competition 95
Irina Tikhotskaya Japanese School at the Twenty-First Century 109


Volume 5 (May,2001)

Tamotzu Nakajima Preface 0
Michio Kaneko An Analysis of the 2000 General Election in Japan 3
Reger Handberg The Technology Transfer Maelstrom: Dealing with the Chinese Satellite Legacy 29
Peter Hays Taiwan's 2000 Presidential Election: Why Chen Won 57
Jia Qingguo From Limited Cooperation to Limited Conflicts: Sino-American Relations Between 1972 and 1992 73
Namchul LEE International Comparisons of Labor Force Participation in Industrialized Countries 105
Yongchun CAI Seeking Tao Qian's Seeking Tao Qian's  Authentic Self :A Confucian and Taoist perspectiv 127
Igor Yurievich AVDAKOV Russian Railways in the Transport System of the Asia-Pacific Region 163
Li Yu The Arrangement and Research of Historical Materials On Resistance War against Japan in China Since 1949 175


Volume 4 (May,2000)

Tamotzu Nakajima Preface 0
Zhang jun Market size, Scale economics and Loss-making in China's Postreform State Manufacturing Industry 3
Dong-Cheon Shin The Optimal Allocation of Investment in North Korea: A CGE Approach 31
Ki-Jung Kim Korea's Strategy of the 21st Century: A Menu For Choice 45
Hoon HONG Comparison between Economic Crises of South Korea and North Korea 57
Cho Joonmo Korean Amakudari: Bureaucratic Corruption in Korea 83
Julia Ching The Confucain Spiritual Universe 97
Philip Beech The Art of Gandhara - A description of some representative pieces 127


Volume 3 (May,1999)

Taizo Nakamura Preface 0
Young-sun LEE Economic System for Unified Korea and the Task of Homogenizing Economic Ideals of the people of North and South Korea 1
Chiwai Cheung Birth of New-Tech Enterprises in Industrial District and the Roles of Industry, Government and University: a Case-Study of Beijing Experimental Zone (Haidian District) in China 23
Namchul LEE The Trends in the Labor Market of Women in Korea Since 1970 41
Peter Hayes A Good Ruler with Bad Advisors: The Exculpation of Mao 59
Hong Sun Won Cause of the Bed-Ridden Elderly and the Analysis of Activities of Their Daily Life 73
Zo Won Ryong Study on Characteristics and Prospects of Urbanization in the DPR of Korea 83
Choi Hyang Son The Woman's Status in the DPR of Korea 95
Dmtrii V. Likharev The British Admiralty, The Anglo-Japanese Alliance and The Naval Situation in Western Pacific.1919-1922 107
Yayo OKANO Who is Japanese in Japan?: Through the Issue of Korean Residents in Japan. 123
Irina TIKHOTSKAYA The Problems of Aging Society in Japan and its Paradigm 149
Violeta Lopez=Gonzaga People Empowerment and Environmental Restoration and Management: A Case Study of the Pumuluyo Experience in Negros 161


Volume 2 (May,1998)

Taizo Nakamura Introduction 0
William S. Hallagan & Zhang Jun Growth in Industrial Output in Post-Reform China: Dual Pricing and Fringe Competition 1
Irina A. Romanova The Middle Class in Japan: Reality and Perceptions 19
Igor Yurievich AVDAKOV On the History of Russian Trade with the Countries of Orient:  The Nizhegorodskaya Fair 35
Larisa Zabrovskaya Trade and Economic Links between Russia and South Korea (the 1990th) 45
Toru Yoshikawa Confucian Ethics and Japanese Corporate Practices: A View from a Corporate Governance Perspective 59
E.L.Motrich The Population of the North-Eastern Asia Countries: the present and future 73
Lee Nourse Japanese and English Speech Codes in Cross-Cultural Communication 81
Philip Beech The Art of The Art of Gandha 93
HONG Wenda China's Economic Reform: Successful Practice of Gradual Reform Model 103
Ben Hu NanDa Reunion: NanDa Reunion:  Long Longing F 115


Volume 1 (May,1997)

Michio Kaneko Introduction 0
Julia Ching Philosophy, Law and Human Rights: Philosophy, Law and Human Rights:  the case of Chi 1
Sarkis Grikurov Foreign Direct Investment in Thailand 21
Jayoon KOO The Characteristic Features of Korean Business Groups & Their Globalization Straitgies 33
Joonmo CHO Joonmo CHO and Seong Jun City Growth in Korea 57
Alla V. Garkovik and Nina Kononenko The Adaptation and cultural relations of he ancient populations of East Asia in Stone Age 77
Shuzo UYENAKA The Tong Shin Sa and the Tokugawa Bakufu An Aspect of Korea-Japan Relations,1603-1867 89
Li Haeng Ho Economic Cooperation in North-East Asia and Tumen River Delta Area Development 99
Irina TIKHOTSKAYA The Changes in the life cycle of the Japanese 105
Katsutsugu Yoshida The Issue of The Issue of  'Senkaku Islands' and Regional Exchange 121
Nataliya Lomakina Economic Development of the Russian Far East and Ecological Problems 133